Monday, 31 December 2012

No Idea What To Put Here!!!

As I will be moving into my lovely new flat soon I get the keys in three days. I cant wait to have a proper dedicated space to blog and film videos! But I really want to share this more with Pawl.(Hes my lovely bf for those who are wondering) I was thinking of doing the bf tag with him. But I havnt actually asked him yet!!! THE REASON I want to do it is because its a big part of my life blogging and making videos and I want him to share and understand it more and maybe even help me occasionally film things. Have any of you filmed with your other half or even family members was it difficult to get them to agree to it? x

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Part of the Daxon Network

Daxon are giving fashion bloggers the chance to link up and become part of their network. Find out more here. for any blog that is accepted before the 31.12.12 (yeah I found out late on this one) you can receive a £50 amazon voucher.

Friday, 28 December 2012


Today I picked up three little bargains from superdrugs. After how well simple eye balm is working on my sensitive skin I figured I would work in some more of their products into my skincare. At first I headed over to the gift section to see what christmas gifts were left over.and standing there proudly were two different simple skin care sets. One had a mini moisturiser a mini toner and something else in there. For a bargain £2.99 it did look good but As I am a bit of a hoarder I tend to get the mini version of something love it, buy the full size version and never use the mini version (even tho I always tell people they are for travel when in actual fact I haven't been on a holiday or day trip for about 5years!).
The other. Set had a full size moisturiser and a full sized set of face wipes. They came in a cute bag for £4.99. Now I picked this up thinking it must be a good bargain but the back of my mind was telling me to go and see how much I was saving. So over I went to the simple stand and almost everything was on offer!! The moisturiser and the wipes were only £2 each. So I picked them up and returned to gift set to its rightful place on the shelf. I couldn't believe the price of them. Even the eye cream I repurchased last week was on special offer!! So they were my major bargains of the day. £2 for that moisturiser, you just can't pass it up. If you need to stock up on simple skincare pop down to your local superdrugs and snap something up!!

While returning the gift set to its self I spied with my little eye a small brush set that had been tucked away behind some deodorant sets. It has 4 brushes that all are nice size and I will get some use out of them for the cheap cheap price of £1.99. Superdrugs has been good to me today as far as unexpected bargains go!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Relief For Sore Eyes

Having very sensitive skin that basically decides randomly 'no I don't like this Im going to make your eyes sore red puffy and itchy for the next three days' is the biggest ball ache in my life!!

Anything can trigger my sore eyes (my new onesie being this weeks culprit hopefully a wash in Kerri friendly washing powder will help) from washing powder, face cleansers, mascara, cats, pollen, life in general it all leads to sore eyes. I thought I would share a few of my must have items.

1. Eyedrops.
Mine are a superdrugs own brand for itchy slightly infected eyes. I don't think these cost any more then £3 and as long as they will relieve itching and hydrate your eyes it should be good enough. I went for the option to fight infection as the last few times Ive been to a doctor they have said they are infected. And these drops are cheaper then a prescription!M

2. Eye cream.
Im using the simple eyebalm. Its nice and gentle and really helps to rehydrate my skin around the delicate eye area. It sinks in so fast on a bad day I have applied this every hour. I also slap on a thicker layer when Im going to sleep. This brings down the puffyness and redness a little bit. If you pop this in the fridge its super cooling too. This is my second or third tube of this. I have other eye creams but I return to this one all the time.

3. Eye Cleanser.
This is the Liz Earl eye bright. It can be used as a very gentle cleanser. But my favorite way to use this is to soak cotton wool pads in it place them over my closed eyes, pop on one of those gel eyemasks thats been in a fridge for half an hour, and have a little nap. This really refreshes my eyes and soothes them. It can be a bit stingy on any cracked skin but for me I find it bearable.

What do you use if you have problem eyes?

DIY Galaxy Print Shorts

I posted photos about these shorts a few weeks back, and I finally strung together footage of me making them.

I hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas & Giveaway Winner

Merry Christmas guys hope you have had a wonderful day!! I got a lovely new camera to film my youtube videos on and a flying squirrel onesie off the lovely boyfriend!! Its pretty bad ass if I say so myself!!

Ive finally got round to drawing the winner of my 100 followers giveaway and Im actually over the moon to say I had over 300 entries. Its taken me so long to draw this as me and Pawl have been stressing out trying to find a place to live in January. We finally found somewhere and I feel I can relax a bit now!!

I used rafflecopter to run my giveaway and here is the winner.....

I am so happy that this giveaway winner is someone I know likes my blog and interacts with me!! For everyone else please keep checking me out I will be holding more giveaways soon!!

Thankyou everyone that reads and talks to me on here I love it. See you all soon xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Help Me Spend My Vouchers

Ive been given £20 In next vouchers. Ive never really shopped there and have no idea what to get. Do I buy a cute bag? Something for the new flat me and Pawl  finally found. Or a nice top. Im just at a loss as I dont know what is good from there! What do you guys buy when shopping in next

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Doing What I Shouldnt

For all my life Ive suffered from terrible eczema. It is much worse then your normal red itchy flakey skin associated with eczema, it gets infected, leaving it slightly scabby looking its always caused me problems. It cracks around my elbows and knees and leaves me in pain when I move. Not to mention the negative emotional effects its had on me. Ive tried natural remedies and anything prescribed to me by a doctor but now Im going the completely opposite way. I figured why not, my skin can not possibly get any worse!

I decided to buy the big box of soap and glory products thats at boots and Im using them plus a few other things from now on.

So Im going to let you know what Im using now and will report back on how its working for me!
To wash for now I still use oilatum. Which is a white paraffin oil based wash. This can dry out skin but I do like washing with it and it has helped to slightly improve my skin. I intend to lower my usage of this and start using soap and glory clean on me instead but I haven't used that yet. I then dry and use the body milk from soap and glory, Im loving this so far it smells to me like popcorn! Its odd but it really reminds me of that! I love it!! I also once a week use a sugar scrub just to help get rid of those stubborn dry skin patches. Im not going to use this harsh scrub any more then that as I don't want to damage any new fresh skin trying to get through!! I use garnier hydra-lock moisturiser during the day and at night I use some prescribed creams. Either dermovate or epiderm. I have noticed a slight improvement in my arms already so now Ive started to use this process on my legs too Im hoping I get some good results.

I also use oilatum on my face, the peaches and clean cleanser from soap and glory and use simple eye balm around my eye area. For moisturiser on my face I use Layla D honey moisturiser which I got in a glossy box a few months ago. I also alternate my moisturiser between the Layla D, a Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser and my Ponds anti-wrinkle moisturiser.

I have fingers crossed for some kind of results and I now a lot of eczema sufferers are probably screaming at your computer screens at me right now! Thinking how can you use chemical products or perfumed products ect. But honestly I don't care any more. If everything I 'should' be doing are not working why not try what I shouldn't use.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Got That Christmas Feeling

For ages Ive been looking for that perfect Christmas jumper. I found this in one of those small  cheapish shop for £12. Ive seen loads of these types all over the place. You know the ones leggins for sale at £5 loads of stuff you can never imagine wearing. Well there are some hidden gems in those shops. I love this top its so comfy and not too much of a bright penguin in your face chistmas top. So its perfect for my style. Have you got a christmas jumper yet?

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Soap and Glory Box Set

Its the big one. That major boots bargain every beauty blogger and her mom has been waiting for. The glorious day that the mahoosive soap and glory box set (rrp £60) goes better then half price. In this case a crazy bargain offer of £27. This year I really did not want to miss the opportunity to get this must have item and took the hour bus journey to a store that would stock it. Hurray I got one only to go home and find items were missing, so then I had to make the journey in the pouring rain all over again!
Now I have no pictures as people have claimed things already but I will tell you whats in the box. Well bag really its just a huge bag with NINE full size products. I couldnt believe it. So drum roll please, this is what your getting.
The Righteous Butter
Hand Food
Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Clean On Me Shower Gel
Smoothie Star Body Milk
Heel Genius Foot Mask
Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk
Sexy Mother Pucker in Punch Bowl
Thick and Fast Mascara.

If you see this in your store pick it up. Its already sold out online thats how popular this is!

Let me know what your favourite soap and glory product is!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Where Have I Been?

Well I quit my job, its why I have been away and I start a new full time job on monday. Oh the stress! So I left my previous job and couldnt be happier, that place made me physically ill. From no prospects, management bullying, false contracts, contract changes due to illness which they were not allowed to do Im glad to be out of there!!

So my new job will be full time and I have to say Im so excited. Theres a huge amount of personal and professional growth to be had in this new company. The sad part is I may not be so active on here or my youtube :(

I will get two days off a week so maybe I can work wonders on those days when Ive settled into a routine.
So for today, my last day off before my new job, I will be scheduling some posts and putting blog ads up.

Hope you are all having fab sundays


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review - Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters

I have three shades of the Revlon  Lip Butters. Candy Apple Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti.
                                                L-R Candy Apply, Peach Parfait, Tutti Frutti
 I absolutley love the texture of these. There has been alot of mixed reviews about these products some people saying they are nothing like they expected them to be, but personally I love them. I think they are creamy and soft of the lips with a slight colour pay off.

 I do get slightly dissapointed with how little product there actually is. This is candy apple, Ive used it twice and there isnt alot there. For £7.99 I do feel Ive been slightly robbed! I feel like someones gone 'Hey heres this great product buy it, you will love it and its sooooo good' only to find yeah its a great product and I do actually love them but oh how I wish your packaging was full of product! The next three pictures are all of the lip butters fully extended! You will see how little is in them.
 Candy Apple, I really like this shade its my newest one. As I said Ive only used it twice and there just isnt alot there! Its a shame really!!
 This is Peach Parfait, it is my least favorite shade and I hardly ever reach for it. and already theres less then half left! I use this one mainly for nude looks it has quite noticable shimmer in it, which I found unecessary as the product is naturally very glossy without added shimmer.
 This is my favorite its Tutti Frutti, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. This got me into orange lipstick big time, and I will probably repurchase this as I cand find an orange like it anywhere. Im quite a fair bit through this one, and I probably dont have much of it left. The colour pay of is great in this one and I have found you can intensify the colour on this one by dabbing off with a tissue then applying a second layer on your lips.
 Candy Apple - perfect if you want to try out a red lip but are not brave enough to go all out!!
 Peach Parfait - possibly the best barely there shimmery nude lip (but just not my style at all!)
 Tutti Frutti - The best hint of orange Ive tried yet, any lipstick Ive brought since just doesnt compare!! Any suggestions for one are hugely welcome!

I think these are great products. I think its a huge shame that Revlon decided to market them at a huge price (they are not cheap at £7.99) and give you so little useable product, I like the packaging and that its easy to identify which colour you are using. I think if you picked up the wrong colours you would probably feel like these are a waste of money as they are not for everyone, but if you happen to find the right colours you will probably love these. I wouldnt say they are hugely moisturising and using them long term is probably not going to give you any benefit but they are super soft and nice to use, and are moisturising and dont dry the lips out. But I just dont feel that they are going to help in the long run if you have dry lips. Your better off using normal lip balms/butters to soften and improve your lips then use these afterwards.

Have you Tried these? Whats your favourite colour?


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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Review - Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Polish

So I got the new Barry M nail polish the other day, at least I think its new, they bring out so many new things all the time!
So from the name I figured this is supposed to leave your nails looking like some fablulous gel nail manicure but it only costs you a few quid!(This retails for around £4)

 The colour is pretty much perfect to what it is in the bottle! It also really is a high shine polish. It does look good on.
 I got the colour 'grapefruit' its a very bright pink with kind of an orange undertone in pictures but its beautiful. I absolutely love the colour!
However Im not too sure on the polish itself, its very thick and for me it was difficult to get a good finish. It also takes forever to dry, and chipped after one day. If you can spend the time to get a good finish I think this could probably be a really good polish for you, but I think Im too impatient for this and will stick to the regular polish from Barry M.

Have you tried this one? Whats your favorite Barry M polish?

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Free Ad Space

So Im going to be offering up ad space of my blog on a free basis! I really want to help get other people to blogs that may otherwise have never found it! Pretty much it will consist of your blog being advertised in two places! You will appear in my side bar and in a dedicated page (like the ones I have above for DIY or PR ect...)

Ive been thinking long and hard about this and Ive come up with this way of doing it,

Your Ad space will last for one month
Your Ad space in my sidebar will consist of a blog button My sidebar is 250px wide so no buttons larger then that size please. (if you dont know how to make one you can find out on my blog post here.)
Your Ad Space in my dedicated page will include your blog button, a direct link to the blog post you provided me, and your twitter and/or facebook page.

In return I ask that, if you are one of my top 5 blogs in my sidebar, you share my blog button in your side bar too, to do this copy the html code underneath my blog button and copy it into a new html box in your sidebar (click layout, then add a new gadget into your side bar, select html box and then paste my code into it and save)

To get your hands on my ad space every month I will ask for you to link me to your favorite post from the last month. The top 5 that I like the best will be selected for my ad space, and dont worry I will try to write everyones names in the dedicated page as well. I want this to be fair and get as many blogs mentioned as possible. Every month I will make a new blog post that you will have to reply to. You have one week to send me your blog links. So you have from today until 26/11/12 (midnight) to get your blog posts to me. Then at the end of the week I will pick the blogs Im going to put on my ad space! So your ad space will run from 26/11/12 until 26/12/12.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, hit me up and send me your favorite blog post from this month!!


If you do not advertise my blog in return (as this is all about sharing the blogger love) I will remove your blog from my ad space.

100 Blog Follower Giveaway

I am completely over the moon!! I finally reached 100 GFC followers and I could not be happier, I never expected to get this many, or that people would start commenting on a regular basis or that I would meet some of the most amazing people through blogging! This really has been a crazy experience so far, and Im in no rush for it to end! So to thank all you lovely people for following me I have a small giveaway! Its not the biggest, because I did a big one for two people over on Youtube not so long back but I hope you will like the things anyway!

So here it is! Its full of things I love!!

 You get a mini cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser from liz earl. I brought two of these when on the wesite and kept one for you. You also get a liz earl muslin cloth with this (just if you havnt tried a hot cloth cleanser before)
I love this product my eyes are sensitive to it, so keep that in mind if you have sensitive eyes, but otherwise its a great cleanser that just seems to melt away all that icky stuff in you face!!
 3 MUA eyeshadows, each of these shadows can be found in the palettes, and I figured what better way to share my love of a brown smokey eye then give you three colours that will help create that look perfectly!
 The collection 2000 extreme 24hr felt tip liner is my all time favorite liner. I used to hate felt liners until I tried this bad boy, its so easy to use and is hugely pigmented. The black is nice and strong.
Finally a cute necklace, I own one of these and couldnt resist picking up another for this giveaway. Its a cute little bird with cherries! I will also be making two bracelets for you too, a shamballa style one and a little cord/charm style bracelet. I will post extra pictures of these when my materials for making them finally turn up!

This giveaway is international.

It closes 19/12/12

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sunday, 18 November 2012

How To Make A Blog Button

So after a few days, Ive finally been able to make my own blog button. For complete novices like me a blog button is basically a picture with a code attached, someone else copies this code into their blogs and it should produce a picture thats clickable back to your blog. Happy days! Its a great way to share blogs. ( I will say my pictures in this post are slightly too big and go over into my sidebar but I really wanted you to be able to see what I was doing)

So to start off you need a picture you want your blog button to be, you can use pretty much anything but just make sure its relevent to your blog, mine is my face, its the same picture on my about me button, and on my facebook page.

Now you want to upload your photo somewhere to edit it I used to use picnik all the time but google got rid of it, but now I use Ribbet, which is pretty much exactly the same. Its easy to use and best of all free. There are a few others you can use, as long as you can crop a perfect square then resize it and maybe add text then you are pretty much ready to go!
I uploaded it into
 Just click the upload button once your picture is uploaded you want to go onto the edit tab.
Then click crop and make your square, it doesnt matter how big you make it at this point as long as the picture is a perfect square.
 You can see I selected my size, make sure you click apply then you are ready for the next step!
 Then you want to click on the resize button, as most sidebars where ylour blog button will most likely appear are 200pixels wide you want it smaller then this. Most blog buttons are 125px by 125px so make sure you type this in. It will make your picture shrink to the right size. Now you are ready to add text! Staying on the edit tab, click text and you can add whatever you like. Ive added my blog title as you just want something to identify your blog quickly.

 Select a font size and then colour then continue onto saving your picture. Its pretty straight forward at this point so far. The next step is to upload this picture into some kind of photo hosting website, because Im on blogger, I already have a Picasa web album, I use this to upload my pictures too. You can use any as long as afterwards you will be able to get the webpage URL (this is like an address for where your picture is kept)

Onto the next step.
Once you have uploaded your picture to your picture hosting website, you then want to get the URL. I use Mozilla for my web explorer so your options might be slightly different if you are using anything else. But basically right click the image and find something that says 'copy image location' or it may say 'copy image url' as long as you are not clicking the 'copy image' you should be fine.

This is the URL of my image,

As long as it looks like the begining of a website, and ends in .jpg this should work perfectly. You want to keep hold of this url, so maybe post into word or notebook or anything like that.

Next you will want to head over to My Cool Realm.

Add in your blog title, blog webpage (URL), and finally the picture URL from earlier on. On the option of container type, you will use pre for wordpress or textarea for blogger. So select the option you need, then any colours ect, then click preview. If you are happy you want to click on get code.


Your preview will close and you will see this code appear, select it all and then copy it. Head over to your blog. As Im on blogger I only know how to add this into your blogger blog, but Im pretty sure for wordpress you just copy it into a text bost. On blogger go to layout click add gadget (in you side bar) select HTML box and the paste it in. Once saved you should have your shiney new blog button.

You can see my blog button on my side bar at the top of my blog.

When people want to grab your button they just copy the code under the picture and they should be able to post the html code into blogs and it should create a clickable picture.

I hope I have explained this well, and you find it useful if you struggle let me know and I will see if I can help, but keep in mind Im no computer expert!!

p.s If you happen to find this blog useful, please link back to me!

These are two brilliant blog posts that helped me figure this all out, check these out too for further info.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Response To Water Painted Dreams Blog Post - Nestle No Way

I recently read this post by Hayley over at water painted dreams. It was all about the nestle boycott that has pretty much been ongoing from the 70's for many ethically minded people. Im not going to go heavily into the boycott, thats up to you to research and find out why, although Hayley does sum it up nicely!

For a while Ive been interested in the effect we have on our environment. While at uni I ran the people and planet society for two years, which was concerned with defending human rights, protecting the environment and ending world poverty. From educating about sweat shops, to green weeks, even running fairtrade weeks, I was hugely interested in it all. Even now I do my best to avoid products, or raise awareness about issues. (Im not going to try and babble on about what I beleive too much or at least I hope I wont I just want to supply some information!)

Hayley talked about boycotting nestle and a huge part of nestle besides their coffee is their chocolate! And chocolate is a great starting place for 'I think Im doing something less damaging for the environment by picking this brand over this other brand'

Lets say Galaxy chocolate bar (rain forest certified) and lets go for Thorntons chocolate, that comes with no claims (eg not fairtrade, organic, rain forest friendly) you would probably think (and I would forgive you for this) that the Galaxy chocolate bar was the more environmently friendly and ethical bar to choose. However sadly it isnt really the case, while the cocoa bean inside the bar has been rainforest certified the palm oil isnt. Palm oil is in most chocolates and the huge parts of the rainforest are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. This destorys the environment and many people who lived in the rainforest are forced out by these plantations. I do not agree with destroying an environment where indigenous people or the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.

But I am not here to go on about human rights, ethical issues and Im certainly not going to try and ram my beliefs of trying to do the best for the environment and workers down your throats!! But if you do find yourself concerned with these things Ive come across a great website it ranks food out of 20 and creates a list of which is best and which isnt best. It may help you in deciding which brand of chocolate you should go for if like me you have a sweet tooth but dont want a huge negative impact on the world you live in!!

Here it is
If you keep scrolling down after the scoring table theres bite sized information on problems effecting the choices of eating brands of chocolate bar, from child labour, to palm oil, to fair trading. Its all very interesting and easy to follow! Especially if this is a newly raised issue for you.

Just so you know Galaxy scores a 3.5 and Thorntons scores 11.

If you avoid anything or would never go near anything because of ethical principles let me know below! I would be really interested to know what you think!


Review - Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo

Hi Hi Hi!!

Today a little review for you on the 24hr colour tattoos from Maybelline. I have three colours so will be basing my opinions on these and my experiences with them. The colours I have are Permanent Taupe, Rose Gold and finally Eternal Gold. Theres never very much option for these in my boots or superdrugs Ive definitely seen a blue one, and I think there may be a purple but Im not 100% sure on what the other colours are.

 So basically theres a lovely taupe/brown colour, a shimmery pink, and a shimmery gold. Below are some swatches, a strong bold line of colour and above each one I have blended them out for a sheer wash of colour.
                                                                        L-R Eternal Gold - Permanent Taupe - Rose Gold

I find these very versatile and you can get a great colour pay off from these. The taupe was my first one, and Ive got alot of use out of it. I use it at a base mostly but on occasion as a light wash of colour on my lids for an effortless look at work. I also find using a very nude eyeshadow and this blended in the corners gives a very subtle smokey eye. The gold and pink are my newest purchases and again I mostly use them as light washes while at work. They stay on for ages and the shimmer in the gold and pink is not too strong or overpowering. As Im a huge fan of shimmered eyeshadows these intensify everything and make my eyeshadows last so much longer! The product itself lasts a very long time and while I can not back up the 24hr claim I can say I go a good few hours without noticing any wear, fading or creasing. Definite plus in my book there! These can be hard to blend out with brushes and I generally use these with my fingers but I do love the effect they give. I also think the gold and brown may make good eyeliners because of the cream/gel like texture to them, although I have not tried it yet I am defiantly going to test out my theory at some point!!   
Im on the look out for the other colours and cant wait to get my hands on more of these, but maybe not the does not look good on me! 

Have you tried these? Whats your favourite colour?


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Wishlist #1

Ah to have unlimited money, or even a full time job that would probably help in the quest of getting my current lust list!!

1. Topshop Knitted/lace Jumper - £38
I love love love this top. I think with a pair of skinny black jeans, and some black ankle boots (rocked out with studs) this could look amazing, I even love the colour!! They do have a black version if you are not feeling the khaki!!

2. Topshop Petite Lace and Gem Dress - £34
I adore this dress, from the pictures I cant quite tell if this is cut out at the side, or just a skin coloured fabric to add this detail. I want this so much for the festive period, but me an Pawl already declined both our work Christmas get togethers based on not having money, but Im thinking of getting us a nice meal so maybe I should get the to wow him a little bit!! Let me know what you think of this dress guys, it might be one of those times where I go into the dressing room and have to do some sneaky pictures to see what it looks like!

3. Ferne Cotton Stud Heel Ankle Boot - £60
These are exactly the boots I would style with that topshop jumper! I think they are so cool and edgy!

4. French Connection Lace Dress -£39.99
This is a bargain from TKMaxx its a saving of £100.01 thats an amazing amount to save!! I think its brilliant, unfortunatly theres only 5 or so left on the website but you may be able to pick it up in store!! I always go to TKMaxx to find some bargains especially if dresses or bags are concerned. It is always worth a shot to see if they have anything you like. They always have a good amount of beauty products on offer.

5. Butler and Wilson Large Crystal Deer Ring - £48.00
I love Butler and Wilson Jewelry. I have so many pieces and they are just stunning when seen properly pictures never do them justice! I love this one especially for those winter days! I will say QVC do Butler and Wilson pieces and usually at a much cheaper price. They dont have the full range but are well worth the look if you want to see what he does.

What do you think of these items? What are you currently lusting after?


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Things I Have Thrown

Hi Guys :)

Bit of an odd one today, I threw out a few things either they were old, terrible or no one else wanted them!

 First up is these two mousse foundations. Now I kindof liked them when I first got them, and I do feel they give quite a good matte coverage but they have just got drying on my skin and have started to dry out, time they headed to the bin!!
Next is three elf products. I feel bad with this firstly because you can get an elf product and its terrible but next time its great, like the liquid eyeliners sometimes they are fab, sometimes they are crap!! But these three I just wont be purchasing again to test out this theory!
The foundation was just not for me no matter how little I used it felt heavy on me, it oxidised quickly on my face and I almost always got a streaky finish. Just not what I wanted from a foundation. Next was the complextion perfection powder. Its a powder compact with four different powders all supposedly to combat different skin problems, there was a blue yellow green and pink powder but it didnt really do anything. Other then look a little powdery ontop of foundation!! I got this when I was just getting into makeup and only now realise what a waste of money and what a bad product this is. Finally my most recent product the cream concealers you get a set of four and I was really looking for a soft creamy concealer thats easy to blend and use. This is not it. Its stubborn and refuses to come out, almost like its been frozen in there its so solid and hard to work with. For a cream it leaves a very powdery finish probably from how dry this is! There wasnt a tonne of moisture in these cream concealers. I wish I hadnt wasted my money on these. This is kind of a negative post I suppose and It got me thinking about things to be careful with when buying from elf!! So look out for that post!!!

What products do you not like or have been disappointed with?


Monday, 5 November 2012

Empties #1

So my first empties post for you!! I have never done one of these before simply because I never keep my packaging once Im done with something, I throw it away or recycle it. However I decided just to keep a few things so I could start doing these posts and heres my first one.

 1. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original
These cost around £2-£3 and I use about one of these a month. My hair is naturally very oily, and sometimes it leaves me wanting to wash my hair everyday which isnt very good for it. So using this allows me to keep to every other day washing, I mostly just spray in my roots, it helps to soak up excess oil and give a bit more volume to my hair. It is a great product and I think everyone should try it! I especially love the floral scented one which comes in a pink can, but I really want to try the cherry one next!

 2. 17 Falsifeye Mascara - Black
This is my all time favorite mascara. It costs around £7 or £8 pound and it adds length, volume and is a really great black mascara. I love it, it lasts a long time and does make me look like I have false lashes. But please be aware I am kind of blessed in the lashes department because they are quite long anyway, but this just adds that extra kick to them! The bristles are like your standard mascara brush but it is bigger then usual. If you are looking for a new mascara seriously check this one out.

 3. Avon Super Shock Mascara - Black
This used to be my go to mascara until I discovered the falsifeye one, if you have this mascara and love it seriously check out the falsifeye one. This has one of those fine plastic bristled brushes that is huge, and I mean huge!! It does add loads of volume and a decent amount of length, I can find this a bit stubborn to get off at the end of the day but other then that I have no problems with this mascara. I cant remeber its exact price they forever seem to be changing at avon but you can usually pick this up on offer. It is a good investment if you can find it on a good offer.

 4. Avon Magix Face Perfector
This is a primer. It is pretty decent on its own and I tend to use it when Im looking a bit red and just finish with a powder. However I dont find this makes my makeup last any longer. It is pretty much just to even out my skin tone when I dont feel like wearing alot! Its a good product if you have nothing to cover on your face other then the odd difference in colour here and there but not great if you are looking for something to prime your face with. However it does have sort of a nice velvety texture to it which I personally like. I purchased this when it cost around £8 it now costs around £10 but again with most avon products you will probably find this on offer at some point.

5. Johnsons Face Cleansing Wipes.
I picked these up when they were on offer in home bargains you got two packs for around £3. You get 25 wipes to a pack which is pretty good. I think to buy from boots or superdrugs they are around £2/3 a pack. I did not really get on with these at all, they irritated my eyes slightly, but were good at removing foundation. The packaging is such a let down the sticky to get to the wipes stopped sticking down after removing about 5 wipes. I expect these types of packaging to eventually loose their sticking ability but not so quickly. Other ones I have tend to last until the very end or at least 2/3 wipes left.

Out of all these products I think the only ones I will repurchase are the top three. I do not have any plans to buy the face perfector or the wipes again.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you used up lately? Let me know below


Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Day In The Life Of Me

Hi guys
Hope you are all well and that the days are treating you kindly!
Today I am going to do a little 'day in the life of' post just because I had an interesting day yesterday! My parents had just got a new campervan and decided to go to stratford-upon-avon to celebrate!
So I started work at 6am that day and because I had to walk I was up at 4am so apologies but I am makeup free in all photos!!
So after being picked up from work at 12midday we were straight off to stratford-upon-avon. It didnt take too long but not that it bothered me because that campervan was soooo comfy!!

We decided to get something to eat first because me and my dad had not eaten since the early hours it was nothing posh we just went to to first maccies we saw!
So then we were going along to local highstreets and side streets, I found a vintage shop called razzle dazzle fell in love with it and it took me 30mins to be pulled out by my mom!! We went in an old sweet shop where my sister got her fill of sugar mice, and my dad was shocked at the price of lucky charms!!

We then walked up to the very top of the high street to see some of the buildings and we accidently found ourselves part of a Shakespear tour although when I tried to take a photo of 'William Shakespear' the only sunshine of the day gave him a ghostly glow!! 
There was a beautiful church that we stopped to take pictures of I cant remember the name of it but its a lovely building!

 We kind of followed the tour around for a bit and came by Shakespears house (one of them I suppose there are alot of places there with signs that say he lived there!) We then left the tour as we did feel a bit bad gatecrashing it and found ourselves by a teddy store!
There were huge teddies outside that I loved and a whole collection of steiff bears which were adorable.

 The next store I made us go into was the Beatrix Potter store. Its amazing if you love her characters I was personally after a copy of 'The Tale of Tom Kitten' which I could only find in a box set, so my mom has got it me for Christmas! So although I know my favorite childrens story is in the house I can't read it until 25th December!!

 Speaking of Chrismas there was a Christmas decoration shop. Some of the ornaments were so delicate and intricate it was a beautiful place inside! It had about 3 trees all decorated inside and it was simply magical!
 Because I had my picture taken with the giant teddies we felt taking my picture with the giant nutcracker was only right too!
 We visited a few other places like the shakespear gift shop, a Harry Potter inspired shop and a few other shops including a shop where my mom had to tell my dad he wasn't old enough for a flat cap yet no matter how good he looked in it!
 On the way out of stratford we passed shakespears house again and also spotted 2 gold post boxes which were a nice reminder of how well we did in the olympics this year!

I have to say Stratford-Upon-Avon is a simply stunning and beautiful place. It is definatly worth a visit. From the antique and vintage shops to the clothing and souvenier shops there is something for everyone.

So just to end the post because this was probably my favorite shop there, what is your favorite Beatrix Potter story?


Friday, 2 November 2012

CRAFT -DIY - Gift Bow Tag

Well this is something a little bit different (I seem to be slipping these in every now and again from posts about eczema to book reviews on my youtube! I suppose this blog is really about me and what I like so dont judge me too harshly that its not makeup related!)

With christmas just around the corner and being a bit of a crafting nut, I decided this year Im not going to stop at handmade cards Im going to make the gift bows that you put on presents, you know those shiney bows with sticky stuff on the bag that everyone spends a fortune on? Well yeah those things, Im making them, and cheaply!!

You need three things
1. Split Pins (or brads for a bit more colour)
2. Any Old Magazine (pictures work great)
3. Scissors

You need to cut your magazine into strips about 1cm in width. Then basically make them into little figure of 8 shapes. When each figure of 8 is made push it onto the pin, repeat as many times as you like!

Heres a little video on how to do the fold, to do the other side you just repeat the same step but upside down! (I was using one hand for this while holding the camera in the other)

 So this is your figure of eight, stick a pin in it!!
 Then keep adding figures of 8's until it looks how you want it too!
I like to add a little finishing touch to mine by adding these 'tail bits' to do that I fold a strip of paper in half and cut a triangle across the fold. position these last.

You should be left with something that looks like a gift bow tag, then its ready to stick onto presents, YAY!!!

I hope you like these and find it useful. I have a full video over on youtube.

Let me know if you try this :)