Thursday, 28 February 2013

Another food post!

I swear once you have had one bagel you cant stop having them! Todays was a sesame seed one which I had some melted cheese on. Even pawl shared in with the bagel munching, except he had a plain bagel and cheese. For dinner I had a lovely mixed leaf salad with some crab sticks, mushrooms and some light mayo. I had a popadom on the side, so random but it worked well, plus they needed to be eaten, usually I would stick some croutons in my salad!

For work I just took some yoghurt and fruit. For snacks I have been eating nuts. Im actually loving all this salad stuff again. Tomorrow is the real test when I cook something from scratch as me and pawl will actually be eating together for the first time in a few days! Hope you are all well and happy!

Lots of love
X x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Healthier Eating

So after years of chocolate, and buscuit abuse, Ive decided to intoduce some healthier food stuffs to my life!! Now Im not saying I will always be a mean green salad eating machine, because trust me chocolate will some how find its way into my mouth (it found its way into the shopping trolly today although I did get down to one bag not 3!!)

I have decided to make some better choices, mainly being what I take to work with me, I mean I tend to lately just go to the chippy, or to asda for a ready meal, and while thats dangerous for my pretty purse, its also dangerous for my health. I dread to think of all the extra fat and salt Ive been eating! So from now on I WILL make all my own meals for work. Today at work I had a massice pasta dish. So I had a smaller meal for the evening, and Im going to share what it was with you :) yummy!!

 So I decided on a bagel. It was delish, I had turkey and ham on there, with some rocket, lettuce mushrooms and light mayo. It seriously was yummy, Pawl sat next to me saying how nice it looked, while I had made him some cheese and beans on toast!! It is what he wanted its not like I said he couldnt have a bagel!! However I dont think its fair that most of the time I cook for us at the same time and he always seems to be loosing weight where as Im gaining!! I think its because while I work and end up eating chips he secretly eats nothing!!

 I had celery with some cheese spread in it for afterwards. I love this as a snack its just so mourish!!

 And I washed it all down with some fresh orange juice. I so so so love juice, orange and apple are always in my fridge. I seem to get through it like theres no tomorrow!!

I think Im going to share regular meals with you because I want to keep track of what food Im shoveling into myself!! I can also see all the healthier choices I make, and what things I could change.

Fingers crossed I can keep up this healthy eating......although there is a bag of ice gems calling my name!!

Lots of Love
x x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Love For Sally Hansen

The Sally Hansen - Complete Salon Manicure polishes are probably my favorite nail polishes ever. These are just a few I have. All I can say is the colour pay off on these is amazing!!! One coat and its pretty much how it appears in the bottle and I often only do two coats so it doesnt chip as fast! I wish every nail polish was like this I have others that are just terrible you paint them on and you need like four coats to get the best colour!!
 The Best part about these are they only cost £1. I always find these in poundland, and Ive never seen them anywhere else apart from other discount makeup stores (if your lucky enough to have one by you!!)
These have a great little applicator to that spreads out really well on the nail and pretty much coats your nail in one swipe. They are fast to apply, and extremely quick at drying. They are in my opinion some of the best polishes Ive used. I think I even like them more then my essie polishes. Its a strong claim but I really think I do!!

Which are your favorite polishes?

Lots of Love
x x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Casual Vacancy J.K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy is J.K.Rowling's newest book offering. It is aimed at a more adult/mature audience then her Harry Potter series, which I loved. To be honest I got this book based on her name alone. I knew nothing about the book. As I have read the HP books I dont think I can hope to review this book without mentioning them, but here is my review of the Casual Vacany.


My Summary -

The book is set in the tiny town of Pagford, it is a middle class, tight-knit community with 'The Fields' (the lower-class community) right on the doorstep. Pagford is split into people who hate The Fields, and want it removed and put under the care of another town, and those that are happy to have the fields part of Pagford and help the struggling community. When Barry Fairbrother unexpectadly dies, his council seat is left open, leaving people to fight over his seat, and the future of Pagford and The Fields.

This little sum up of the book makes it sound actually quite inviting. As someone who has branched out into reading adult novels I can say this is the kind of book I would read, it has class conflicts, deals with social issues, has the promise of what tries to be an ideal English town and makes it seem far darker then on first look. However it just did not live up to that! The writing style seems off, and it took a long time for me to actually finish the book. J.K can write brilliant books, we saw it with HP, there was a huge character selection, good vs evil content, great discriptive qualities, but the casual vacancy seemed to lack those qualities a little bit. There was a huge catalouge of characters that was hard to keep track of and warm to. J.K seemed to switch from one characters thoughts to another quickly. Sometimes within the same paragraph and page. It made it very difficult to follow. There is also such a huge amount of characters that are very similar, somehow J.K lost her magic touch and none of these characters seemed to be well developed, they tended to blend together and you could easily find yourself lost between them.
 The issue of class divide was never fully explored for me, it seemed childish, 'We were here first, we are better have more money ect. you are scum and dont deserve to be here' It never explored why people thought like this in the town. There are adult themes in this book, there is alot of swearing, sex, drugs, there are even scenes of rape, domestic abuse, death and just general terrible behaviour. These things alone do not make an adult book and they feature far too often. It seems like J.K wanted to go against everything she wrote before, and I just cant help thinking it has not made a great book.
It is a hard going book, once you have managed to get through the first 150 pages or so it does get a bit easier to read. I kept returning to it and going 'ooooh I wonder what piece of gossip Pagford has for me today!' It also has an explosive ending which I certainly was not expecting. Im not going to giveaway the ending but if you struggle through the book, it does kind of make up for it! Ive heard alot of people were not impressed with the ending it just stops, theres no what happens to the town now, what happens to any of the characters that you may have warmed to. However as I simply never warmed to any of the characters, or wanted to know what happened to them, I didnt mind the ending of this book. It seems a bit harsh to say really :(
I do not think this is one of J.K.Rowlings greatest books, for an adult book it seems to be missing alot of maturity, but I wouldnt give it to a young adult to read either. Im not sure where this sits in the market and I feel alot of people like me, may get it just out of curiosity. I doubt I will ever read this book again, but part of me is glad I finished it and gave it a go.

My final verdict? Not great for an adult novel. but if you are only just starting to read books with mature content, give this one a go. Also read it if you think it sounds interesting, go look at the blurb of the book it might appeal to you! Or you may simply want to read it because you want to read a different style from J.K You may like it, you may not. Its kind of a Marmite book!!


My Top Red Lip Products

 It's time for the next category in my best of lip products series. You can see the best Nudes and Pinks by clicking on the links. Today I have my favorite reds.
So we have left to right,
MUA Lipliner Red Drama
MUA Lipstick shade 13
Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang
Collection 2000 Cherry Pop

I love all these reds, a good red liner is essential and this only costs £1, a complete bargain! Its so soft and creamy and is really nice to use to colour your whole lips not just line them. the MUA lipstick is another bargain at £1, its the brand I first went to, when trying to find if red lipsticks would suit me. If your not sure if they will give MUA a try. They are highly pigmented and have a huge range of different red tones that should suit all skin colours. The Apocalips are a new discovery that really are hugely fantastic and have great staying power and also look really nice!! Be warned they do transfer a little bit but they are still amazing!! Finally collection 2000, I wasnt expecting such a good wearing lipstick from this one. I think it cost me around £3 and is a matte lipstick so lasts forever!!

Be sure to look out for my next post, perfect for work!!

Lots of Love
x x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Other Side Of Blogging

Ive been away from the blogging world for a week and with good reason. I started to see things that hugely upset and angered my in the blogging world. These range from the trashy guru gossip websites, to off hand comments people dont think about and just say it with no regard to the effect those words can have.

Ive started to get some hate over on my youtube and its knocked me about a bit. Its all fine saying 'oh rise above the haters they dont matter' but I find being personally attacked is a horrible thing. Having someone post on my videos saying Im 'sooooooooooo boring' over and over again is a real knock. I dont understand this personal attack online and if you dont like me the simple option is never look at my things again. If Im so boring to you why are you commenting on everything saying it!! I only need to hear it once I get the message!! Any more then that is just insulting an hurtful and I might be online posting things but Im still a person with feelings at the end of the day! It made me think about whether I wanted to carry on with having an online presence. Do I still want to blog and be on youtube? By doing it I open myself up to all these personal attacks. My boyfriend gave me very good advice when I told him what was worrying me. He said if Im doing what I love as a hobby and I enjoy it, why let others put me off? I didnt stop playing badminton even though Im not the best badminton player in the world, I didnt stop playing when people told me I wasnt good enough for the team! I just played my best enjoyed myself and did find myself on a team one day. Why should I not carry on with my blog.

You know what, he's right too. I shouldnt stop doing something that makes me happy because someone somewhere doesnt feel Im good enough! I feel happy with my blog and where it is, and why should I let people stop me doing what I love. I think alot of new bloggers could also gain from this thinking. In the #bbloggers chat on twitter I see so many people who get upset they dont have alot of followers, and feel they are not up to scratch and as good as other people and their blogs. All I can say is if you look at your blog and get that little sense of pride and happiness still, your blog is the best it can be, I know for me its still true. I still look at my blog and get those feelings, and I know Im happy with my blog. I dont think too much about the page views and the followers (of course its great to have every single one of you read this) I still blog for ME, and thats what its really about. Having my little space on the internet, thats mine, thats where I can post about things I love, and share things with people. All while having a smile on my face.

Lots of Love
x x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My Favorite Pink Lipsticks

So you may have noticed my favorite nude lip products post, and today Im doing my favorite pinks. All in the spirit of valentines day! There will also be my favorite reds and even work safe picks, if like me you are at work on the day of love!!
So onto all things pink! I love a good pink lipstick because it makes me feel girly and pretty. Nothing beats it, apart from maybe a red for those sexy occassions!!
These are my top pink picks!
 From Left to Right we have,
Elf - Seductive
Rimmel Moisture Renew - Rose Passion
Rimmel Apocalips - Apocoliptic
Elf Matte Lip Colour - Coral
Rimmel Longlasting Finish - Celeb

 Seductive is a great little lipstick by elf, at its bargain price of £1.50 its highly pigmented and creamy on the lips. Its a lovely pink shade and I wear it quite alot. It has a long staying power but isnt totally kiss proof. With a coat of lipcote this will stay in place for hours. Its my top tip for all bright lips. If they are of the matte/semi-matte variety lipcote will make your lipsticks last even longer and totally kissproof.
The moisture renew shade rose passion is a pink/red shade, perfect if you want to try and get into red shades but not brave enough for a totally red lip yet! The same with apocoliptic, it looks more red toned here but its a lovely shocking pink. You can see an earlier review of it here. This last ages and are a strong stain with a semi-gloss finish, but they do move around, not the best if your going out for a meal!!
The elf matte lipcolour is lovely. I dont own many coral colours but I feel this works really well for me. Its a bit like a chunky lip liner so its super easy to use. The colour pay off is nice, but you will have to moisturise your lips as its slightly drying.
Rimmel celeb is almost like a bubblegum/barbie pink. Its perfect for that instant girly feel, and its matte so lasts a long time! You can see a full review of that here.

These are all bright colours and if thats not you think look out for my work friendly lip products. Which is full of nudey/pinks and muted colours safe for every day and work.

Whats your favorite pink lip colour?

Lots of Love
x x

Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Favorite Nude Lips

Since valentines day is just around the corner Im going to be sharing some of my favorite lip products. There will be a few posts on this so you will have my favorite nudes, my favorite pinks, my favorite reds and work friendly lips!!

Today is all about the nudes!! I dont think I can pull off alot of nude lipsticks but these ones can work for me.

 So from left to right we have
Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine - Fresh
Benefit Lip Gloss - Zone Out
Revlon Colourburst Lip Gloss -Gold Dust
Stila Lipstick - Keren
I love the sally hansen gloss as its so moisturising and has barely any colour to it. It just adds luscious gloss to the lips!! Benefit is actually a lovely light nude with gold glittery sheen, its beautiful but can be a little sticky!
The revlon is great with a dramatic smokey eye, and doesnt feel like Im wearing a gloss. Its such a nice consistency. The stila lipstick is a beautiful finish, its like a semi matte product stay put for ages but doesnt dry out your lips! Such a win, win product!!

If you cant splash the cash NYC mouse, is very similar just slightly pinker, but it does have that same semi-matt finish. On my very pink lips you can hardly tell the difference between these two lipsticks!

So theres my favorite nude lip products, what are yours?

Lots of Love
x x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Getting Organised

When I started my full time job I knew it would take me a while to get back into the swing of things. I dont have a huge amount of spare time, I get two days off a week. I also work long days Im talking 12 hours a day, So theres days I just dont want to blog after Ive come back home at 10pm. And on days I do get home before then I have to think about cleaning my flat, cooking and a whole manner of other things!! So I decided to do something about it!! Alot of the time I will blog on the go using my Ipad although Ive been trying to stop doing this as much because the blogger app is not the best and I always find myself altering the posts on my computer afterwards anyway.
So I invested in a filofax to help me manage my time. Mine is the personal size, so just right to fit in my bag and is slightly smaller then A5 size.
 I got Jack. Yepp thats the name of it. Its printed inside and everything! I managed to pick this up at a bargain price. It was under £20. Not bad considering they can cost ALOT more. I also really like the elastic close on it.
 Inside its a suede material, and Im gutted Ive already got a pen mark on the back because its really hard to clean!! But its a very nice size, and I love theres a union jack inside too.
 Ive put my diary pages first. This is a week on two pages view which I like. The boxes are big enough for me to write everything I need easily. I write in my work shifts and on the days off I write what blogs/videos Im planning on scheduling and making ect. Its not set time to publsih them just reminds me to actually do something. I find I get on a good rythm with this. I might film something in the morning, go about my daily business blog for a few hours and schedule the posts over the next few days. I will usually spend the day editing the film, then upload it the next day. I have to say it is making me feel so much more productive. I also love the little bookmark/ruler so I can quickly skip to the right week.
 Straight after the diary I have put my notes, coloured ruled paper and to-do lists. Here I write all those blog ideas I get while Im out and about. The to-do list will eventually get filled in with things, I just havnt got anything to put there yet!!
I also LOVE the colours of the paper, its all patel toned pinks, yellows, blues and purples, so cute!! Theres a decent amount of paper there and I ordered some more but its the wrong size so I need to send it back and get something else!! After all that comes the standard measurments,size guides and whole host of other things filifax give you with your planner, theres some good stuff in there but I dont use it, which is why its hidden in the back!!

I am loving how I can take this everywhere and its helping me know where I am with work, because my hours always change and keep on track of my blog. What do you guys use to help you keep organised?

Lots of Love
x x

Cutex Nail Polish Remover - Review

I used to be obsessed with my bourjois 1second nail polish remover. The one that came in that little pot. It smelt nice afterwards left my nails clean and I didnt think I could get better. Then after a while I noticed problems with my new favorite product!! The sponge started to break apart inside, it couldnt quite reach into those difficult places that nailpolish sticks, just in the side of nail and skin! I couldnt use this on those rare occassions I decide to paint my toe nails!! So I decided it would be better for everyone If I left the little pink pot on the shelf and tried something different.

I picked up cutex because it claimed to strengthen nails. Mine are quite brittle so if it lives up to this I will be happy!! The first thing I have to say is I dont even care about whether it will live up to its claims. This stuff is so damn good at removing nail polish. The other day I got very lazy and just painted a dark coloured polish over one I already had on. This took it off every finger using only ONE cotton pad! I was astonished. I mean I usually use two and sometimes thats not even enough when I get to those last two nails!! I cant believe how good it was. With one quick rub and swipe everything was pretty much off!! And Im talking like two coats of pink and two coats of purple. Its just mind blowing how well it got rid of it all. Is it slightly sad I was shocked? Probably? But do I care? No, because I have a new best friend in my life, and I will probably be experiementing with nail polishes because I no longer have the hassle of taking it off! At around a pound a bottle its much less then the £5 I paid for the bourjois one!!

Lots of Love
x x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tresemme Heat Protect Serum - Review

Ive always liked serums much better then styling sprays. This is the same with heat protectors too. I dont know if I havnt been looking in the right places but I find theres not alot of choice, or they are stupidly expensive. I have ended up picking cheaper liquid sprays and I just dont like them. I discovered this in asda the other day for an impressive £3!! Much much cheaper then it was in boots or superdrugs I think its around the £5 mark there.
I love using this when I blow dry. My hair dryer is about 7 years old I got it with my first ever proper pay!! So when I turned 16 and got a proper job its the first thing I got for myself with my own money! Beauty obsessed even then!! Its survived well and would still be the perfect hairdryer if my dad hadnt got hold of it!! He used it to melt fiber glass and actually melted part of the dryer and now the nosle wont go back on it. So whenever I do my hair it makes it incredibly frizzy!! This helps combat that and I can only imagine with a good hairdryer there would be no frizz! Ive used this when Im curling my hair with my curling wand which goes to scorching hot temperatures and its great. Im left with smooth shiny, glossy hair. The thing I love about this is you can use it on wet or dry hair. With some heat defense products Ive used before its left an almost crispy finish to the ends where I concentrate the product the most. Not with this! This feels like theres nothing in my hair. Im so glad I purchased this especially for the smaller price tag!!

Lots of Love
x x

Getting Comfortable

When ever I read a book, I always return to an old favorite afterwards. For ages is was Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I would read it again and again after ever other book. I loved it. I also love reading this way because I can go back to familiar characters I like, and storylines I feel comfortable with. Especially if its been a book Ive struggled to read (Casual Vacancy) or a book that has strong themes like the crime ones I read. Its just nice to have a light refreshing read. I dont feel this ruins the book at all especially as I usually pick ones I identify with or just full on love!! I think the one I will go to for my next few reads is, Twelve Rooms With a View by Theresa Rebeck. This was a surprising find in poundland and I got it on a whim. Its actually a really good book. Tina inherits a house from her mother and its one of those massive new york type apartments with millions of rooms. Being a girl with very little money its kind of like shes landed on her feet, until she finds out she has some step-brothers who have been left out of the inheritence and want the house too. They will go to any lengths to get that house (apartment thingy) She ends up squatting in the house while legal preceedings are taking place! Its a good read and I really liked it. It was easy to read and enjoyable.
If you ever see this floating around in a bargain book shop, pick it up. You may just find it a hidden gem like I did.

Lots of Love
x x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Favorite Bloggers

For ages, Ive been trying to spread the love on my blog, I have posts on how to make your own blog buttons really easily, and I will pop your button in my sidebar if you place mine in yours!! I also have a tab at the top of my blog where I put my favorite blogs and youtubers!

But today Im going to link the blogs Ive read the most lately. They will be in no real order but I hope you give them a look if you havnt already because they are all bloody fantastic!

1. A Daisy Chain Dream.
I love Laura's quirky style, her brilliant writing, and her photos! All in all a great fashion blogger that I love ready on a daily basis!! I always look at posts she does about wish lists or things shes lusting after because I always find something new on them that I want!!! Check her out here

2. Gem Seren UK Beauty Blog.
I love Gemmas Blog, its so well laid out, and she covers a great range of products from high end to affordable. I read this all the time especially if Im thinking about buying something thats a bit expensive, I look on her blog to see if shes got a review!

3. Miss Budget Beauty
Im not going to lie it took me the longest time to follow Khilas blog. I liked her on youtube but just never read the blog. Once she moved to wordpress I thought I would give it another go, and I love it so much more now!! It takes forever to load on my laptop but the content is good and theres alot going up there all the time! A must read for anyone on a budget.

4.Sam Schuerman
I had no idea who the Schuerman's were until they left youtube, then I wanted them back so I could find out more! Now I love watching their daily life and love Sams makeup videos!! I wish I could make me makeup look as amazing as hers! I also love her blog, not only is it easy to read, its full of good quality posts! Especially some great recipies YUMMY!!

5. The Cameras Lying
I first found Amy on youtube, and loved her style, how easy going she seemed infront of the camera and then I found her blog! Its a lovely blog and really showcases her love of fashion, photography and beauty.

6. Nina's Bargain Beauty
I think I stumbled upon Nina while searching for new elf products to try. Not only is she like an encyclopedia on all things elf, she does really in depth reviews. I seriously wonder how she does it sometimes with so many little ones running around her, but shes earnt huge respect from me, for being a great mommy and beauty blogger!! Another blog that seems to take a while to load but well worth the wait!!

Let me know what your favorite blogs are, and any others I should check out!
Lots of Love
x x

OOTD - 06/02/13

So today me and Pawl went up town in the search of a curtain pole (oh the glamour of being an adult!!) We have no curtains currently just a net curtain and theres a bathroom window opposite us that shine in through our bedroom window really bad, and they always spend about an hour in that bathroom at midnight which just wakes me up when Im about to drift off!! So I cant wait to get some curtains up now!! I also brought some fresh salmon so cooked that for food tonight with some fresh veg and mash, it was so yummy!!

I actually really liked my outfit for today. The eczema on my legs is looking so much better so I could break out some tights for today rather then my usual thick leggings. Pawl sucks at taking photos I dont think its very flattering!! But I really liked busting out my highwaisted shorts and they look great with this top.

Top and Cardigan were from small cheap clothing shops.
High waisted shrorts - New Look
Tights - Primark

Monday, 4 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips - Review

Well who hasnt mentioned something about these in bloggersphere!! I didnt think the Apocalip Lip Lacquers were coming out for ages yet but I think they have been out for a week or so.

 So here we have them, I have to say I love the packaging they look so cool, while currently typing my Pawl has said how they look like rockets!! I just think style wise these are so aestheically pleasing! Only problem is on my pink on (apocolipctic) the silver writing is already coming off from being in my bag!! Other then that I have no complaints style wise!!
 These are classic lipgloss style applicatiors which can be tricky to apply a lip lacquer with. I do struggle slightly so be patient. It takes a while to get used to but you can get some very crisp lines with these. I tend to dab of the excess inside the tube and apply little by little. That way I feel I have a bit more control.
 Because I cant wear strong makeup looks for work I decided to get bold colours for my days off!! Simply because if I got nudes I wouldnt wear them that often. Where as I know these will get worn. I got Apocoliptic (Left -Pink) and Big Bang (Right - Red)
 Apocoliptic - I love this bright pink. It has to be my favorite!! Love Love Love it!! It is easy to work with and has amazing coverage. I found with this one I didnt need a lip liner and the colour just pops instantly. This is a great colour to perk yourself up or take your makeup from day to night!

Big Bang - This is difficult to photograph, it looks almost pink and not as good coverage as the other one. but trust me this looks better in person. Its much closer to the red in the swatch above. Just for some reason it didnt want to play nice in photos. If you want to see what its like just head over to fleurs blog. She has amazing pictures on there of all the colors. This one I found a little harder to work with. It quickly started bleeding around the lips as you can probably tell, but it was easily fixed with some lip liner.

Be warned these do stain and stain well so if you make a mistake you may have to start all over again!! You will probably get some transfer with this too. Well I say probably what I mean is you will. I was eating a subway and some got onto my food (as it does sometimes) and that then touched my skin and I had a pink line on my chin....attractive!!

Good side is these have amazing staying power if you dont disturb it!! Just so you know I put this on at around 7am and had a training day with a bunch of people from work. I didnt have to retouch until I ate that subway at 2pm and that was just a small touch up where it had rubbed off. I could have left it as it wasnt too noticable. But almost all the girls on the course wanted to know what it was and where I got it from. They all loved the colour (I had on apocoliptic) and loved that it was staying on all day!!

For £5.99 these are a complete bargain, I wont be kissing Pawl with these on as they leave lipstick stains all over him, but they are incredibly pigmented, amazingly beautiful colours, and just so nice to look at!! I might even purchase a few more of these!!

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

Lots of Love
x x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Clinique All About The Eyes Rich Review

I did it, I got my first high end skin care product. This is clinique all about the eyes rich. As you all know I have sensitive eyes. Recently so many different factors have effected them they have been looking really dry, sore, red, puffy, and getting deep wrinkles. I use simple eye balm for ages and it really hydrates my eyes well. The only problem is it had done as much as it could. I had been looking at other creams and thought that clinique would be a good choice for me. So I went to my local clinique stand and talked about my problems, what causes them and what I wanted from an eye cream. We decided on all about the eyes rich, because the richness of the cream would sink in well, and really help nourish my skin.

I have to say upon first use I didnt notice much difference. However after a few uses my eyes are less puffy and where my simple eye balm couldnt stop that dry look even when there wasnt any dry skin, this has solved it, my eyes are looking younger, the deep wrinkles that were begining to show, this is minimising them so well. I think with continued use I can only see better results.

This has ingredients that boost your natural collagen levels so in the long term its going to firm your skin, and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I have to admit when I handed over £28 I was secretly crying inside. Why was I doing it? What if it didnt make a difference at all, I just have to accept my eyes are aging faster then I want, AND Ive wasted £28. Im happy to say this isnt the case! I feel for the differences Ive noticed already this is worth the £28 I paid. It is suitable for all skin types, even men can use it. It isnt scented (at least to me it doesnt smell) it feels fresh on the skin and soaks in well. I use this on the socket area, like the consultant told me too, because she said the natural heat in the skin will absorb the cream in where its needed. You also only need a small amount of cream and it goes a long way.

I think Ive found my new favorite eye cream!! What do you guys use?

Lots of Love

x x

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Just a simple winged liner (it's my go to look I really need to experiment a little bit more!!) with the new apocalips lip lacquers.

 Products Used
Wake Me Up Foundation - Ivory
MUA Blush - Shade 3
Maybelline Gel Liner - Black
17 Faslisfeye Mascara - Black
Apacalips - Apocoliptic
The ends of my hair looks really funny here! I will have a full reveiw on the apocalips coming soon.

Lots of  Love
x x

Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser

I have a few different moisturisers and I love them all for different reasons, but this one has stolen my heart probably forever. Simple is a brand I trust ever since Ive used the eye balm and it gave me really good results. So I decided to get the moisturiser hoping it would keep my skin feeling soft and not make me overly oily in my t-zone. I dont suffer a huge amount of oil but heavy moisturisers can add to the oily feeling which I dont like.

This is incredibly nice on the skin and lightweight, it gives 12hour hydration and I think it lives up to this because since using it night and morning I dont even begin to feel my skin drying out. A small amount goes a long way, I use this all over my neck and face. I have noticed a different. Its softer to touch and just feels better. I think this combined with all my other skincare is really having a good effect on my skin. Theres no perfumed scent which is great for my skin, and its perfect for sensitive skin. Ive used this morning and night for a few weeks now and theres still alot left in the bottle. You are really getting good value for money with this one. Im sure this comes in different versions too so theres bound to be one to match your skin needs.

I love this and Im so glad I purchased it.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Review

Im not one for conditioner, I have really greasy roots but dry ends, Ive always put up with those dry ends because conditioner makes my hair too greasy at the roots, as in so greasy you can see it half way through the day! On a recent (ha Im talking before Christmas!!) trip to the hairdressers they told me to prehaps consider a leave in conditioner and just concentrate on the ends, we talked about budget brands because although she used redkin in the salon and it worked brilliantly on me at the time I couldnt afford it, so she said maybe try aussie or as an even cheaper alternative try herbal essences. She said either try the hydration range or split end protection range. I went and had a look in boots and decided on the beautiful ends collection as its has raspberries in there and Im a sucker for anything that smells of berries!!

I picked the leave in conditioner knowing I could concentrate it just on my ends and use it when I really needed it. I love this stuff, its lightweight doesnt feel sticky in my hair, sinks in so well, Ive even stuck it on dry hair and it just soaks in and you wouldnt tell Ive put it on! On wet hair it glides in smoothly helps to detangle and smells so yummy!! It also doesnt make my hair overly greasy if I use it in the roots. Its not often I do it, but I no longer feel the need to wash my hair half way through the day for putting a bit of conditioner on!! I do think this has made a difference, a huge difference actually, I notice less breakages while brushing (and my hair was badly damaged it was stretching a breaking at the time) it is no longer stretchy and I have a lot let split ends. Seriously consider this if you have split ends, at the end of the day if you dont like it your only going to loose a couple of pounds, rather then alot of money on a high end product!! It lasts ages too I only need one pump for my shoulder length hair, so you really get your moneys worth!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish

 Microdermabrasion is one of those big words you hear in spa's, but this is basically a 'micro polishing treatment that encourages cell renewal' This sold it for me.

 I have looked at the botanics range in boots for a while not really knowing what to buy or try out from them. I decided on some kind of scrub, but knowing that smaller scrubbing particles work better for me, that was the kind of thing I wanted. This has very fine particles in it, its almost like when you mix sugar and butter in baking, it has a similar texture(I hope the pictures show how fine the scrub is). This scrubs your face really well and you can really feel it working. I would say after the first use you notice brighter looking skin, with continued use it is supposed to refine pores and improve the skins texture. Ive added this into my new skincare routine and everything is working really well together. Im very pleased with the results.
You use this once a week, because of how well it scrubs, and after cleansing. So at the end of a busy week I really take a good amount of Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean and once thats rinsed off, I really spend a good few minutes scrubbing my face with this in small circular motions. I then wash it all off and pat my skin dry. This can feel a little scratchy a bit like a really good chunky scrub but nothing painful, I also slap on a good amount of moisturiser afterwards just to keep my skin soft and fresh.

Im so glad I picked up this and Im impressed with the results.

Have you ever tried this? What scrubs do you use?

Lots of Love
x x