Friday, 20 June 2014

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in Funk

I love a good bright lipstick, I love a good matte lip I also love a good long lasting lipstick! So when I saw that MUA were bringing out an alternative to the lime crime velveteens I literally swooned! I love the velveteens but with the price tag and the fact it's really hard to get hold of them I welcomed an alternative with open arms! 

The packaging on these is much more expensive then the £3 price tag suggests. It's not often I am impressed with the packaging MUA has come out with but the Luxe line does look good especially these velvet lip lacquers! The tube is a frosted glass effect much like the lime crime offering, and this has a black lid with gold details.

The texture of this I can only describe as thick. It's thicker then a gloss but is almost like a lipstick you have left I your handbag on a long day, it's on it's way to being liquid but not quite there! It's really strange and not what I was expecting. The lime crime velveteen is really thing it really is a liquid lipstick. This is just thicker then I was expecting. Because of this I notice it more when I wear it. I am aware it's on my lips. 

However the colour of funk is amazing! It is so pigmented, it's bright it really stands out and it looks amazing! MUA have really outdone themselves with this lip lacquer! It applies nice I do have to wipe excess off the doefoot applicator because too much if this product and it is hard to work with. It is much better to go little by little and perfect the application process. I do put a lip liner on with this out of habit however I do not feel it is really necessary. 

The wear time of this is good you can go around 8hours before a noticeable difference is made (for me anyway) this includes eating and drinking while wearing it. I did find it can crumble off if applied too thick rather then fade away. However the knack of whether you have too much on or not probably comes from using these kinds of products more. 

All in all I think they are a great alternative to the lime crime velveteens if you can not afford them however even in their own right without comparing them to anything they are a great lipstick. At £3 you can do a lot worse then the MUA luxe velvet lip lacquers and they have a good colour range. Now I just need them to come out with more unusual colours and I will be a very happy bunny! 

Have you tried the MUA velvet lip lacquers? Which ones have you tried? 

Lots of Love