Sunday, 27 July 2014

Positivity Sunday - Gaining Self Confidence

Self confidence is one of those things I battled with up until I turned around 22. Even now I have my own doubts as the round to confidence is never an easy one. I was bullied a lot at school and I stayed at the same school until I was 18. I was constantly tease and harassed for how I looked as far as having rocks thrown at me because I had a 'rat face' I remember the taunts and the abuse so vividly. I remember how much I withdrew from people and how little self worth I had. I remember when one of my teachers made it even worse for me by sending a letter home to my parents saying I excluded myself and didn't make an effort to get to know people. I always thought it was my problem that I had done something wrong. And maybe I had as I tended to try and fit in with people and be what they expected, completely ignoring who I was.

I went straight into uni after I left school and the first year was hard on me as I had no confidence and thought no one would like me. I had little understanding as to who I was as a person. Thankfully I met many people who all helped shape me and figure out who I was. The kind of environment you are thrown into at uni makes you quickly adapt and figure things out. However as much as uni helped me, my best developments came well after I left uni early and decided to do what made me happy. I don't have a fool proof step by step plan to finding your confidence but I have a few tips and pointers/tips that might try and help you figure it out. Everyone's journey to confidence is different and we all take our own paths to get there but here are a few things that really helped me.

1. Surround yourself with good people.

These are the people that are not after anything from you, are not trying to make themselves feel better by being around you, these are people who are nice and want you to succeed as much as you do, people who make you laugh help you out and are there for you in times of need.

2. Forgive the wrong ones.

I have forgiven my old bullies who after school have said how they treated me was wrong, and you know what it felt good saying it was ok, yes they hurt me but holding on to that anger is worse in the long run. It festers away and seeps into all your thoughts, but if you forgive them and let it go you can find yourself accepting your past a lot easier, making it easy to move on. It may be harder the more serious someone has hurt you, but try to get there or at least come to terms with what has happened and start to move on.

3. Try new things.

Trying something new breaks all of your comfort zones and throws you into new environments. There's no time to be nervously watching on the edge when someone has invited you to play a sport you have never played before, or going to a party with people you don't know. At uni you are immersed in new groups and activities to try, I tried out so many sports (even getting an invite to train for triathlons however not being able to swim well put rest on that one) I joined drama groups and ending up sitting in a 6 foot plant puppet I made and controlled it on stage for a production of little shop of horrors, something I was forced into but really found enjoyable! I owe so many hobbies to my time at uni including a love of badminton, ultimate Frisbee, crafts and diy,  even blogging which I found through distractions from assignments! Never be afraid to do the new things.

4. Write down what you like about yourself.

And make sure you remind yourself of it. Lately I have to keep reminding myself that I am a good person even if some of my decisions may not turn out in the best way it doesn't make me a bad person. I also try to include physical features as it helped a lot with my next point!

5. Self acceptance.

You are who you are. You look the way you are supposed to look, and yes I may have big ears that stick through my hair whenever I take a photo (I learn to tilt my head to lesser the effects there) and yes I have overly sensitive eyes that react to everything and swell up, yes I have a stomach, thighs that touch, massive tits I would like smaller, but all these things make me who I am. And while I may work to making my thighs smaller if I don't accept and like them now, and realize that smaller thighs will not make me any better then I will never accept any future versions of myself. I need to like who I am now, as well as the vision I have of myself for the future.

6. Weight, clothes, material good are not the be all and end all.

You need to look deep inside to find happiness and if you do not have it, materialistic goods or a slimmer body, or tanner skin ect is not going to give you that happiness. You need to build your own foundations ie, accepting your own company and enjoying things you like doing, you need to find a purpose to give yourself meaning and something to do, if you are unhappy with your job find one you like, if you don't like where you live, then move, you need to make your foundations good so you can build and make it better. If you have bad foundations all your nice shiny things will fall down one day and it wont be pretty.

7. Do what makes you happy.

Easier said then done sometimes but there is only one person in the world you need to look after (until you add children and life long partners into the mix) but whatever you do, make sure it benefits you, and makes you happy. I spent so long being a people pleaser and not listening to what my heart was telling would make me happy, I made myself miserable. I do this now at times still, I always want to make others happy, but sometimes it is about number one, and that's ok. It doesn't mean you are selfish.

Like I said self confidence is a very personal thing and we all get there in our own ways, these tips may just help you in a little way, I find them useful and I hope other people will to.

Lots of Love



Friday, 25 July 2014

MUA Luxe Lacquer - Kooky

I love a good matte lip lacquer and when I saw that MUA has released these velvet lacquers I got very excited. I picked up this purple shade kooky, and a pink shade funk (review here)

I love the packaging on these, they have this frosted plastic tube, a sleek matte black lid, with gold writing.  For a budget brand that sells these lip lacquers at £3 MUA have really made a good style choice with these. However for this particular shade thats where my compliments finish.

I don't enjoy writing a bad review, but I can't sit here and say that this particular shade is a good option. I also believe in sharing my views so that others may be more informed. So here is the brutal honest truth. This colour is so patchy and hard to work with. I was really excited to try a deeper purple lip colour that is in my favorite kind of finish. However I had to instantly take it off. It applies the same on my lips as it did in the swatch, it streaked almost pink and purple in places and took a lot of layers to look uniform. Then of course it felt far too heavy on my lips. It would have definitely cracked and flaked had I left it on.

So sorry MUA as much as I genuinely like your products this one just was not for me.

Lots of Love



Thursday, 24 July 2014

Bad Outfit Of The Day Posts!

Sometimes I really really like an outfit I am wearing, but sometime I will have broken my tripod (like now oops) and lacking in a competent photographer I can only take these bad pictures of what I am wearing!

So welcome to my bad ootd posts!

 I actually really liked this almost tribal print top and it was a complete bargain at £4 from the urban outfitters sale! I didn't think it would look good but it does, however I am thinking of cutting and sewing it into a crop top.

Top - Urban Outfitters - £4
Maxi Skirt (with belt) - Primark -£10
Arrow Necklace - Black Tied - (no longer available)
Rose Gold Watch - Next - £24

I will try and take better pictures soon I think when I get paid I will buy a full length mirror so at least you may be able to see everything! Don't worry though its not often I like what I am wearing enough to take photos!

Lots of Love



Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Models Own - Indian Ocean

A while a go I brought a lot of these duo colour nail polishes from Models Own and Indian Ocean is one of those ones I have just left for a while not knowing what to pair it with. And when the darker blue polish arrived in my glossy box I suddenly knew which polish to pair it with.

This polish is a beautiful light pearl blue base with a gorgeous pink shimmer running through it. This is with two coats on but honestly it need a third to match up to what you see in the bottle, two coats is just a little too thin for my liking.

 The polish lasts well and didn't chip until the third day, however it strikes me as one of those polishes that would come off in big sections if it were to chip. Upon removing this polish I found it was more difficult to get off then other polishes it felt like it had some grit and substance to it (not something I noticed while applying as it goes on so smoothly) but its not as difficult to remove as a glitter polish.

I think Indian Ocean is one polish I will use regularly as an accent nail and even do a full set of nails for a special occasion as I think its a really unique and eye catching colour.

Which Models Own polishes do you like?

Lots of Love



Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Lipstick Product Addict Tag

I am so much in love with lipsticks lately that when I saw this tag on YouTube I knew I had to do it.

When I first started out with makeup I used to experiment a lot with coloured eyeshadow however now I am all about the impact that a good lip colour can make.

So watch below to see the video and if you want to do the tag too the questions are in the video description.

Watch the video below

Hope you enjoy <3

Lots of Love



Monday, 21 July 2014

BellaPierre Lipstick - Mandarina

I am so in love with orange lipsticks lately that when this landed in my Glossy Box subscription I had such a huge smile on my face! The BellaPierre lipstick in the shade Mandarina is just so perfect for me right now and is really on trend.

I love the packaging on this, however the quilted design reminds me a lot of revlon lipsticks. However is still looks very sleek and classy.

 This lipstick is so creamy and feels so nice on the lips that I actually can not get enough of wearing it! I would love a few more colours although the £20 price tag is a big steep.

This is made with natural waxes, mineral pigments, antioxidants vitamin c and e, and claims to protect lips from the sun. However with no packaging I don't actually know if this contains an spf or how high a factor it is.

So onto the colour itself. It is a very vibrant bright red based orange that I think will lend itself to most skin tones.

I was worried that with my darker hair it just wouldn't work (I am having to figure out so much with what works now) but I am surprised with how well it all works. I emphasizes my pale skin without making me look sickly and packs all the punch of a bright red lipstick.

I absolutely love this shade! You can find it here.

Lots of Love



Friday, 18 July 2014

Colour Club - Glossy Seal - Nail Polish Review

Nail polish is something I am not totally in to. I admire all those beautiful designs people can do but I just cant, so I tend to stick to basic colours with maybe a glitter over the top and thats it!

Mostly I may sport no nail polish or nail polish that seriously needs to be changed! However I am trying to change that so when in the July glossy box we were treated to an exclusive nail colour from Color Club (Glossy Seal) I decided it was best to try it out! Plus it was blue one of my favorite colours! (Also side mot as its an American brand the spelling of colour is different which really confuses me!)

I really liked the colour of the Color Club Nail Polish as I said it is blue, but it is almost this blue/grey/teal colour. It is really interesting and I really like that it is not a shimmer or a duo chrome polish. Its just this amazing one dimensional colour.

The packaging is nice, kind of basic and nothing special about it. The brush is pretty standard to and gives a nice coverage. I did find that even with wiping excess polish off the brush on the side of the bottle that brush still held a hell of a lot of polish! almost too much at times!

It applies really well, this was just one coat so I am impressed with how good the colour is. I like polishes that I can apply in one coat and not compromise on the colour so the Color Club Polish ticks all the boxes there. On my accent nail I have a Models Own polish but I think the two of these really compliment each other. I did find that this began to chip after one day so it essential that you put on a base and top coat. However for $8 its a really nice nail polish and a really good nail polish brand! I will definitely be looking at what other colours they do. Color Club Nail Polish can be found here.

You can read my Glossy Box review here, and subscribe for glossy box here.

If you got this months glossy box what did you think of it?

Lots of Love



Thursday, 17 July 2014

Seventeen Goodies

I have recently been massively impressed with the makeup brand Seventeen. I decided to pick up a couple more bits to try out. 

I have picked up the miracle mate powder as I have heard nothing but good things and I am in the need of some oil control with my new moisturiser.

I also picked up the new falsifeye mascara. I am a big fan of the original one so I have high hopes for this one! 

Have you got your self any little beauty treats lately? 

Lots of Love 



Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July Glossy Box Review

So this is my second glossy box and as I got the June box well after everyone else I decided to get a review/first impressions up of the July box as quickly as possible.

I love the American theme for this box I suppose it is for the 4th July so it comes in this cool stars and stripes box. (I had to take the pictures in front of the candy skull statue of liberty painting right?)

This month we were to receive 4 full sized products I think? Don't quote me on that but I think I remember reading it somewhere. 

Inside Mine I got,

 Bellapierre Lipstick (£20)
Absolute New York Eye Primer ($4.99)
Carmex Lip Balm (£2.69)
Color Club Nail Polish ($8)
Dr Bronners Magic Liquid Soaps £3.99

 First off the carmex is a nice product but I much prefer it to be in a tube format, I tend to find with this small tub I get product all under my nails and I probably wont use it at all.

I love love love the lipstick however and at £20 the box has already paid for itself. I love the vibrant orange shade! I think there are three colours all together but it is just pot luck as to which one you get.

The eye primer will be a very useful item for me and while it may not be the most high end product it the world, it is a welcome edition as I need an oil free eye primer!

The nail polish is this amazing matte grey/teal colour that looks amazing on, however it does chip badly, I have only had it on half a day and noticed chips in it.

I know that Dr Bronner soaps are this amazing cult beauty item but as someone who really hates the smell of lavender I could smell this the moment I opened my box and it almost made me want to throw the whole thing away! I will definitely never use this as I hate the scent and I have sensitive skin, so this will probably be given to my mom who loves scented soaps.

This month is a bit of a strange one as three of the products are like 'nothing' products I wouldn't really miss them if they were gone. The box is definitely only worth the money because of the lipstick.

All in all I think my box came to around £36 in value which is pretty good going considering the box only costs £10. You can sign up to glossy box here.

Watch my YouTube video for the box below.

Lots of Love



Monday, 14 July 2014

My first Mac Lipstick Purchase

I had never really seen the allure of mac! When I was 18 I got an eyeshadow and the black track fluid line and didn't really think much if them. I have since got mac eyeshadows in blog sales and still have not been majorly impressed. Maybe I am just picking the wrong shades. However I recently decided to get my first Mac lipstick. After watching the lipstick tag on YouTube I figured I would give the lipsticks a try they seem to be a big blogger favourite!

I decided on a matte formula because I personally love matte lips. I also knew for the price it had to be something I would wear a lot! So I picked a neutral pink shade. 

I decided on Please Me in the end. Sorry for the shadowy pictures but they will be better in my full review soon! 

I think it's a beautiful shade and I love it do much! It's not too in your face which I like considering I am a big fan of bold lips usually. 

What Mac lipsticks should I try next? 

Lots of Love



Sunday, 13 July 2014

Positivity Sunday - Up's and Down's

This weekend has been filled with many many highs and a few low points and today for positivity Sunday I wanted to talk about how sometimes those downs can ruin a situation and what to do when faced with things that might put a damper on your day.

Now it is important to stress that these tips are to help with minor hiccups in your day, not for serious problems that may occur. Some of these tips may not help when serious things happen to you.

1. Take a deep breath and accept the situation.
Last night I had my car window smashed in, it is something you just need to accept has happened nothing will change it.

2. With a level head look for a solution.
It is always so easy to kick off and moan when something bad or unfair happens to us. Instead with a level head asses if it is something you can fix or change. Try to look for a solution to make it better.

3. Put it in perspective.
The same weekend that our car window got smashed me and my partner gave his son possibly one of the best weekends he has spent with us. There were surprises for him he had friends stop over the house and was generally spoiled rotten. Honestly a smashed window paled in comparison to the good time we gave him.

4. Prioritise.
This goes with point three, put the best things that have happened in a list and then the bad things right at the very bottom, you will find you have a lot of positive things to concentrate on rather then the negative.

5. Take yourself away from the stress!
Relax. Go to sleep early. Exercise, find something to take your mind off the bad things and distract yourself. Tomorrow is always a new day and remember

Negativity brings more Negativity in your life. If you feel stuck in a negative mindset, jot down 3 positive things each day whether they are about yourself or the day you had, and you will soon see you have a lot to smile about. 

Lots of Love



Friday, 11 July 2014

Thinking Of A Return To Youtube

I have been away from YouTube for a long time, not because I am not watching YouTube any more (I am) but I was beginning to have some bad experiences on their and life took its toll on me.

I began to get really horrible messages telling me to go jump off a cliff, and how terrible I was ect, and at a time I was battling my own personal problems, one of them being the death of my nan, I decided to step away from something that had previously given me happiness.

It is not until recently watching some of my favorite YouTubers that I began to think about coming back. All of my video's are still up and I would like to return to a hobby I once loved!

however I don't want to fall into the trap of 'omg I have to keep up with every other beauty blogger' this time round I am going to concentrate on videos I would like to see and not keeping up with what everyone else is buying. these videos may include DIY projects and chatty videos anything I feel like filming that day.

If any of you are on YouTube and are reading this I would love your channel links so I could subscribe to you all!

My Link is -

Lots of Love



Tuesday, 8 July 2014


I took the opportunity while shopping yesterday to snap a mirror shot of my outfit ! I really need to get myself a full length mirror. 

The dress and leggings were from primark. You can't see very well but the dress has little giraffes on it. It cost £5. The leggings were a bargain at £3. 

My sunglasses were of eBay for a couple if quid and they have gold filigree details. 

Lots of Love



Friday, 4 July 2014

Lime Crime - Cosmopop - Review

Lipsticks are becoming my new favourite obsession! I used to have just a few basic pink nude shades and a couple of glosses. Then I made the decision to buy a red lipstick and I have never looked back! Now I like to try more daring colours and that's when I discovered Lime Crime! I don't think I will ever wear the blue or yellow but some of the oranges and purples they have are beautiful! 

I picked up Cosmopop because I wanted a muted orange colour. I wanted something that was still unusual but a bit more muted and forgiving. Cosmopop looked like it could tick all those boxes! 

Can I just say I love the packaging! I think it is so girly and stands out against any other lipsticks I own! I am very glad that these have not changed styles like the velveteens and liners have. However I think there is a special anniversary packaging out soon! 

You get a good sized lipstick which closes securely. I have to say that these smell like mac lipsticks (something I can vouch for now I own a mac lipstick!) and they have a very creamy texture. 

This is one swipe of the lipstick. I have to say I am impressed with the pigmentation  of this. It's a colour that could fall short and not look vibrant but this looks really good and true to the colour in the tube. 

 I did worry that this shade would wash me out because I am so pale. But it has a warmth to it that actually helps brighten my face! (I have cut my eyes out if the picture as they are photographing terribly with my hay fever!) It looks a different colour on my lips as they are very pink naturally so it lend almost a peach tone to the lipstick. This wears well and lasts quite well on me not drink and food proof   but still lasts a good few hours without any problems. 

I do have to say this us very unforgiving on dry lips. Every little crack and flake will be shown so make sure your lips are in a good condition before you even think about putting these lipsticks on! The lipsticks cost £12.50 and for a cruelty free lipstick I think that's an amazing price! For uk stockists I either use cute cosmetics or love make up. Or you can buy direct from Lime Crime. 

Have you ever tried Lime Crime Lipsticks? 

Lots of Love 



Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My First Tattoo Experience!

I have wanted tattoo's for as long as I can remember. My parents have been getting tattoo's for years so there was never the fear if stigma that can be attached to tattoos! However after seeing my older sisters first tattoo and how bad it was (no offence sis but we all know it's not the best) I knew I wanted a real piece of art for my first tattoo! So I have waited a while and just before my 25th I found what I wanted! 

An owl perched on branches :) the artist was called Sophie and on June 10th I prepared myself for a massive session! It ended up taking around 6hrs 40mins. 

Now when I told my artist it was my first tattoo she got nervous not because of pain but because the length of time can cause you to go numb, have muscle spasms even get dizzy as you can't have a proper food break! I would suggest a good meal before your sitting I had jacket potatoe fish and salad. Anything to give you good energy through the day and I drank a lot if sports drinks during my session to keep my sugar levels steady. 

This was my first break! It took about 2 hours to get to this point! The blue lines were all outlines that still needed doing! The only thing done were the owls eyes! Sophie was using a picture of reference for this so all the owl detail she was drawing in by hand. At this point she decided to do the outlining and then carry on with the rest of the owl later! The pain was pretty much what I expected kind of like cat scratches and the vibrations from the tattoo machine actually made it tickle a little bit! I did t find the pain much at all and I could have happily fell asleep however it did begin to hurt at around 6 hours! 

Little bit more done! This break was more for Sophie so she could have a fag break and a cup of tea! I will say my dad who is a veteran of tattoos hates when he has an artist who smokes as it does make it painful when you stop then start again. Lucky for me Sophie didn't take many breaks! 

This was around 4 hours or so and I was getting really worried we wouldn't finish it during the day! There were still flowers to do the chest area and feet to do and the highlighting to bring the whole thing together! It was about this stage I started to feel it. The pain was still manageable and not at all difficult for me to cope with but the tickling feeling had left! I found myself taking deep breaths to control my body. It was this point my whole body started getting numb and I had to rearrange how my leg was so I could still feel it!

The finished design! It looks a bit red! I tell you when they wipe down the design it is the best feeling in the world ever! It instantly cools off your skin! 

Heeling wise it's taken about three weeks. The colour fades by about 60% because what you see in the picture above is fresh ink on top of your skin! After the tattoo goes through shedding it looks faded! 

I used be bepanthem (nappy rash cream) for 7 days and a normal non scented moisturiser afterwards. I still use one now! The skin shedding is the worst part because it's like when your sunburn perks but you can't pick you have to leave it! 

Here's the heeled tattoo. 

The detail amazes me every time! I still moisturise every other day and put sun screen on if I am out in the sun with it uncovered. I don't feel it needs any touch ups but some tattoos may need it after heeling. 

Have any of you got tattoos? How did you find the pain? 

Lots of Love