Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July Glossy Box Review

So this is my second glossy box and as I got the June box well after everyone else I decided to get a review/first impressions up of the July box as quickly as possible.

I love the American theme for this box I suppose it is for the 4th July so it comes in this cool stars and stripes box. (I had to take the pictures in front of the candy skull statue of liberty painting right?)

This month we were to receive 4 full sized products I think? Don't quote me on that but I think I remember reading it somewhere. 

Inside Mine I got,

 Bellapierre Lipstick (£20)
Absolute New York Eye Primer ($4.99)
Carmex Lip Balm (£2.69)
Color Club Nail Polish ($8)
Dr Bronners Magic Liquid Soaps £3.99

 First off the carmex is a nice product but I much prefer it to be in a tube format, I tend to find with this small tub I get product all under my nails and I probably wont use it at all.

I love love love the lipstick however and at £20 the box has already paid for itself. I love the vibrant orange shade! I think there are three colours all together but it is just pot luck as to which one you get.

The eye primer will be a very useful item for me and while it may not be the most high end product it the world, it is a welcome edition as I need an oil free eye primer!

The nail polish is this amazing matte grey/teal colour that looks amazing on, however it does chip badly, I have only had it on half a day and noticed chips in it.

I know that Dr Bronner soaps are this amazing cult beauty item but as someone who really hates the smell of lavender I could smell this the moment I opened my box and it almost made me want to throw the whole thing away! I will definitely never use this as I hate the scent and I have sensitive skin, so this will probably be given to my mom who loves scented soaps.

This month is a bit of a strange one as three of the products are like 'nothing' products I wouldn't really miss them if they were gone. The box is definitely only worth the money because of the lipstick.

All in all I think my box came to around £36 in value which is pretty good going considering the box only costs £10. You can sign up to glossy box here.

Watch my YouTube video for the box below.

Lots of Love