Monday, 11 August 2014

#30DaysOfLipstick - Day 1 MAC Please Me

Ok So here I go commiting myself to 30 days of Lipsticks! I am not even sure if I own 30 lipsticks but as I have a real love for lipstick I figured I may as well give this a go as I really loved seeing it on Khila's blog Miss Budget Beauty. If you click on her link you will find some of her blog posts about it!

Anyway back onto my #30DaysOfLipstick

First up on day one we have MAC Please Me.

 (Not the best picture I had to knock up the brightness on this as it had gotten darker)

This is my only MAC lipstick (so far) and it is a matte finish (I am a big fan of the matte lip) I love its soft pink colour.

And here is a completely un-edited picture for you!

I like how this is pink but still a fairly neutral option for everyday wear. I will have a few bolder colours coming soon but I figured for my first lipstick post I would play it safe and use something I love!