Wednesday, 27 August 2014

#30DaysOfLipstick - Day 17 - Baby Lips

Oh its time to give my lips a much needed break! They are getting rather dry lately with the change in weather so today I decided to really slather them with a moisturising lip product to give them a little love!

This is Baby Lips I think it is the cherry flavour one? Im not 100% sure it was in poundland and the packaging was all in Chinese! Also on a side note, I hate this photo, in the last couple of weeks I think I have really imrpoved my photography with a few editing tips, and I am just unimpressed by 's this photo but I don't have much time to retake all my photo's especially with it getting darker quicker now.

I dont have a photo of me today I am at work for the long haul today, 12 hours and really I have a bare face so there is nothing to photograph!

See you tomorrow with hopefully a more exciting lip product for you!