Tuesday, 12 August 2014

#30DaysOfLipstick Day 2 - Look Beauty Berry Vamp Lipliner

Am I cheating by wearing a lip liner as a lipstick? I do it quite regularly if the lip liner is a bit unusual like this one!

This is the Look Beauty Loud Lip Liner in Berry Vamp.

And I love it because it is a dark vampy berry lipliner/lipstick. However bad news is I cant find it on the superdrug website all the look beauty products seem to be half price (maybe they are getting rid of it?) but they do have some good nail polishes and other lipsticks to pick from and if there is still a stand in your local store I am sure you could pick this up.

This lip liner almost has a metallic finish to it, which I really like when applied to the whole lips. I'm not sure what ever made me pick this up originally as Ive had it a while, much longer then I have liked dark lips on myself, but it has found its way into my favourites again now I feel more confident rocking a dark lip.

My boyfriend may not like the darker lip colours on me, but I sure do!!

I just cant quite put my finger on why I like this one so much! I have another lip liner I cant wait to show you from these guys as well, its a bright neon pink coral colour! So stay tuned for that one!