Monday, 18 August 2014

#30DaysOfLipstick Day 8 - Lime Crime Cosmopop

Another Lime Crime Lipstick today! This time it is a more traditional lipstick as in it's an actual lipstick but still a bit of an unconventional colour. Cosmopop is almost a peach toned orange lipstick!

 I don't actually know if it is the lighting here that makes the colour look a lot more intense and bright but it honestly is a lot more muted then it appears in the tube!

So here is cosmopop as you can see it is orange almost peach colour that brings some warmth to my face. I will admit here it looks better when I have pale blonde hair, but I dont think this is ugly on me with dark hair (I could never pull of chinchilla with this hair colour!) I really do like the Lime Crime Lipsticks for how intense the colours are!