Tuesday, 19 August 2014

#30DaysOfLipstick - Day 9 - Barry M 162*

Sticking with unusual colours today's lipstick comes from Barry M. I never really looked at Barry M for makeup other then nail polishes. This lipstick I actually won in a competition from Barry M and so full disclosure I did not pay for this one! However that doesn't mean that I cant show you the colour!

 This is a burgundy red shade, something I am partiulary fond of lately with my dark hair. I like how this has a nice sheen to it and it doesnt feel drying on the lips. The colour is really intense too. It has made me want to try more lipsticks from Barry M and I have actually got the Turn My Lips Pink one too. I think I will have to have a real detailed look at the Barry M stand next time as I am sure they have more hidden treasures like this one!

*This Lipstick was won in a Barry M competition. I did not pay for this lipstick.