Monday, 18 August 2014

August GlossyBox - 3 Year Anniversary

It's time for the monthly Beauty Box post and this month it is GlossyBox's 3rd Year Anniversary box. I was quite excited about this as I figured there would be some new exciting brands and the content value may be high especially to show off three years of GlossyBox.

GlossyBox did issue a spoiler so I knew that we would be getting a Philip Kingsley Elasticizer sample of 40ml. While keeping an eye on their facebook page they were mentioning how many coats of mascara had been applied thanks to GlossyBox or how many Nails had been painted thanks to them. So I also figured we would get some of those products as well as maybe some kind of body butter or moisturiser or something so it wasn't all makeup.

So here is what I actually got in my box.

1. Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer - 40ml (full size 250ml) £6.08
2. Kryolan for GlossyBox - Highlighter - Full Size Product - £12.95
3. Figs & Rouge - Mini Mango Hand Cream - 20ml (full size 80ml) - £1.73
4. Yves Rocher - Nail Polish - Full Size Product - £3.60
5. Lalique - L'Amour Perfume - 2ml (full size 50ml) - £2.68
6. Essence - I Love Extreme Mascara - Full Size - £2.79

This month we got one bonus product in my opening video on Youtube I assumed it was the Kryolan Highlighter as it had the GlossyBox seal, however the bonus product appears to be the tiny nail polish. I also calculated in my video the wrong price for the handcream! I have only just noticed this is not full size! It is actually a mini hand cream so that knocks the value down! I also read there was supposed to be a minimum value of £33 but I can no longer find that! So my final value of the box is £29.83

For this box honestly I feel a little bit let down, the Kryolan Highlighter is honestly hands down the best product in there. At £12.95 it does pretty much justify the box, but the rest of it is just so meh.

I really dont like the Philip Kingsley as it just does nothing for my hair I had a sample before and have used it numerous times and it makes no difference! The rest of the box are fairly cheap items, that are nothing special and I mean come on that full size nail polish is the smallest polish I have ever seen! I just think for a third year anniversary the box could have contained some better products. We have also had nail polish for the last three boxes and most people have had mascara for the last three boxes too, some serum samples or something else would have been much more welcome in my box! Also I am kind of sick of perfume samples, especially as you can get them free in most cases! The final kicker in the teeth is how the little GlossyBox card says its 'a highend, exclusive beauty discovery experience' honestly that highend claim is wearing a bit thin now!!

One thing I found interesting is how many other places get GlossyBox including Sweden, Norway, Austria, Germany, France, Japan and Korea. It would be great if we could get exclusive products from those countries maybe an Asian Beauty Box!

Have you had Augusts GlossyBox? What did you think of it?