Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Now this is probably going to seem a very odd topic for a lot of people, and a very difficult post for me to name. I wanted to talk about the new candles on my desk (you may have seen them in the backgrounds of my pictures) and why I specifically chose those colours.

I keep my candles in jars just as I am hugely clumbsy so if I knock them over hopefully they stay contained and the wax wont go every where and ruin things.

For my candles I picked Ivory and Pink. The colours respresent two things that I want in my life right now. The ivory represents balance, harmlessness and neutrality, all things I crave right now, as in my alone time I can tend to have polar thoughts I go to dark places or happy places, and I really want the neutral ground of both and to provide myself a bit of balance in my thoughts. The pink represents spiritual love, friendship, devotion, love, affection and healing.

I like to spend some time alone most days and burn my candles to think about the things I want from life. These two colours symbolise a lot of those feelings right now.

The pink candle is also scented with honeysuckle which enhances the bonds of love and can be used to heal relationships. So my thoughts with that scent were that I have has a hard time in my relationship things are getting better and improving and I want to improve our bond together so anything that will help is a big big bonus in my book!

Now I know this sounds like strange things to most people but I actually really believe in the spiritual, and the occult. I am not a practising pagan or wiccan but I do believe in a lot os the symbolism that appears in there such as herbs and spices having meaning and being helpful on a spiritual level. I have the same believe in candles. I believe the colours mean things and can help attract those things to us. Whenever I buy a candle for someone I do tend to think about them as a person and what I want for them, and while I decorate the candle (I like to add their names and things to them) I kind of pass on my wishes and hope that when they burn the candle those well wishes are attracted to the person. The last candle I brought for my mom was black as black is said to ward of negative energy. She was ill at the time and I wanted to ward those negative feelings away. If I buy candles for someone I do not know that well it tends to be a white candle which essentially is the balance of all the candle colours. This is a pretty good link if you are interested in the meaning of coloured candles, but of course not everyone is!

Please note in no way am I trying to say what I believe is true, I think all religious ideals are true, I did a lot of studying in uni as I did a religious studies degree, I happen to believe that whatever truth you believe in and have faith in, is true. So just a I would not disrespect anything you believe in please do not disrespect what I believe in.