Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Essence Blush Up - Heat Wave - Review

I had been dying to get my hand on some Essence products in the UK for ages and when I saw an advert in a magazine that Wilko's were selling them I practically squealed with delight at work! It wasn't long before I found myself at a stand lusting over pretty much everything I saw!

One thing that really caught my eye was the Essence Blush Up blush in Heat Wave. It was the most divine blush with a gradient from pink to orange! Perfect for someone who likes options but doesn't want to carry around a huge palette full of blushes!

The packaging on the Essence blush is nothing special and lets be honest for £3.50 you cant really expect much more then some clear plastic however I will say that it closes really well, I have found with some cheaper blushes they don't close all that securely but this one I am happy to say does stay firmly shut!

As you can see the colours are really bright and range from that shocking orange to the bright pink. You can either swirl all these together or target a particular colour to your liking. I actually really like wearing the Orange side, as I think it looks amazing on!

I have to say this blush is crazy pigmented and you really do not need a lot of work to get a lot of colour out of the pan! The first time I used this with it being cheap I just swirled my brush around for ages and I picked up so much product I would have looked like a clown! Honestly you need such a small amount to give your self a nice blush to the cheeks! As you can see above I have swatched the Pink the Orange and the bit where the two colours blend, and each shade combination looks amazing!

I honestly need this blush in more colour options a pink to lavender would be amazing as I have always wanted to try a more purple toned blush!

As this stands this is my new favorite go to blush and I am pretty impressed with the brand as a whole! I need to pick up some more stuff from them next pay day as I am really enjoyin the Essence brand right now!

Have you tried Essence yet?