Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hectic Week

This week has been incredibly busy for me!

I finally finally got my computer to update itself after trying about 3 thousand times and having some one remotely access it to delete 51,000 files that pc world had kindly left on there to piss me off!

Then EE sent me a bill saying I had not paid my phone bill for two months and had to pay £75 other wise my phone was being cut off, and even while I knew my direct debits had gone out I paid the extra money because I work by myself at night and need my phone in case of emergencies so I couldn't risk not being able to use it. They now claim I havn't paid them anything and I am having a real ball ache getting my money back :(

Also the TV broke and I cant afford a new one!! #GoodTimes

But besides all that I am doing really well I just have not had time to update my blog between things going wrong and deciding if I want to apply for a different job because leaving the people I work with now will be a bit like leaving my family :(

So for now all I have to share with you is my July Favorites video and I hope you enjoy it.

Lots of Love Guys