Monday, 11 August 2014

MAC Face and Body - Review

I finally caved, I just couldn't wait any longer to buy this foundation. I really needed a foundation that I could build up the coverage of and not have it look cakey, and honestly MAC Face and Body just ticked all the right boxes for me. At £21.50 it is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny.

I have tried using this product a few different ways and by far my favourite is with my hands, you can really work in the foundation and give yourself the best coverage and finish. Face and Body give a really natural dewy finish to the skin, as its water based, so it is really easy to build up. It looks like your skin just better. I was matched to shade N1 and I really like how it looks on me. It helps to cover up my redness without making the rest of my face look overly covered. I like that I can target specific areas with this foundation, so I can apply more on my cheeks and leave a sheer coverage everywhere else.

I have not had any issues with this looking overly applied when I put on more layers, however it does have an overly dewy/shiny finish. Which a lot of people may like but I just take a bit of powder over the skin to reduce the shine. Other then that I have found not problems with this foundation. It doesn't collect in any fine lines, it doesn't cling to any dry patches of skin. It just looks natural. If you are after a fuller coverage this isn't for you as it is sheer to light, and buildable to medium coverage but, if you want a simple foundation for every day wear this is for you!

Lots of Love