Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mini Essence Haul

So Essence finally came to the UK and after winning some goodies last year off the lovely Nina I knew I had to get my hands on what was on offer in the UK.

You can find Essence in wilko's and at the time I purchased these they had three for two on. So it worked out at a really reasonable price. (I even picked up bits to go in a giveaway!)

First of all I picked up this amazing blusher, this is so unique as it is a transition from orange to pink blush, and it is hugely pigmented! This has to be my favorite thing from what I picked up.

I picked up two of the xxxl longlasting lipglosses, which I feel have the wrong name as they are matt finish, but I got two pretty nude colours one true nude and one pink nude, much more subdued then my usual preference for bright lip colours. These are both nice and perfect for everyday wear and I feel a bit Kyle Jenner inspired with the nude one!

I got a cool hollografic glitter filled polish and also a double sharpener (for large and small pencils) I have been looking for one for ages that is a nice colour and didnt seem stupidly exspensive! I think this was about £1 or £1.50.

I am pretty pleased with my first purchase of Essence goodies and I may just get some foundations and mascaras next time!

Lots of Love