Thursday, 21 August 2014

PT Demo (Silent Hills Playable Trailer)

If you are a fan if gaming, a horror fan, a Silent Hill fan and you have not heard of the PT demo yet, where have you been?

It is basically a playable trailer for the new silent hill film and will actually make you want to cry with fear. My inner monologue while playing was something like this,

*omg this is so realistic for a demo this looks amazing*
*ok some guy murdered his family the story is conveniently playing on a radio*
*did that door just open.....*
*wtf was that*
*no no no no no*
*fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck*
*I don't want to go down there*
* no no no no no*
*actual screams*
*nope nope nope*
*why has everything gone red?*
*please make the baby cry for a second and third time, I get to end the demo then......why wont this baby cry any more?? I want to stop this game but can't without this crying baby......oh fuck where did that shitting thing come from*
*and more internal crying when I cant figure out how to make this baby cry and cant complete the demo!*

Basically I love this demo, the levels or loops as they are, can play out randomly also the ending can be achieved in a few different ways (not that I have managed it yet) and it has so many genuine scares I am hugely excited! Hideo Kojima has done and amazing job on this game, and if Silent Hills has any of the scares this game delivers it will be amazing! Hideo said himself that he wants SH9 to make you shit your pants. The great thing about this demo is the paranoia of knowing something will happen but not knowing when as you can't actually do a lot in the demo game!

Here's some creepy images from the game, look away now if you would rather not be freaked out!

*WARNING if you actually want to complete this game you will need a microphone and headphone set, failing that you can freak yourself out and quit all together*

Honestly this game scares me so much as you know something will happen you just don't know when!! 

What kind of games do you like to play? (also normal beauty blogging will resume soon!)