Saturday, 9 August 2014

Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder - Review

Seventeen Cosmetics have really been impressing me lately, they have seriously upped their game with some of their products and I am loving so many things from them! So when I needed to get myself a inexpensive but good quality face powder I had only one place to turn!

The Seventeen Miracle Matte Face powder speaks for itself really it aims to mattify the skin and gives up to 16 hours of shine control. In the recent heat that the UK has been experiencing I really needed to keep the shine at bay, I was getting a tad bit oily which is a problem I had never really faced before.
The powder costs £3.99 and theres a mirror included in the packaging so its perfect for on the go. On the website it says that the Seventeen Miracle Matte powder comes in three colours however I have a colour that isn't listed! So I am not actually sure if there is more options.

I really like how fine this powder is, it doesn't go cakey when I apply it over the top of my foundations and as this powder comes in shades it give just that little bit more coverage. I like to pop this in my bag and carry it around with me if I notice my foundation fading its easy to top it up with this powder.

I am dubious about its 16 hour claims, and for me it does a good job of keeping my oil at bay, however I wouldn't really say I have oily skin. At £3.99 it is not too much of a loss if it doesn't work for you, but it is a really good powder to try out if you are in the market for a new one, I am really glad that I picked up this!

Lots of Love