Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Statement Jewellery - Part 1 - Necklaces

Jewellery has never been my thing, I usually wear the same piece all the time. However when I do buy jewellery for a treat its usually of the big showpiece variety. So I thought for a little change to the usual beauty posts I would do a fashion one. All about my Statement Jewellery pieces. Up first is part one with Necklaces!

 Up first we have this large collar piece, I saw this in a charity shop and I just had to have it! I'm not usually a fan of necklaces that are quite high up, but this just spoke to me, from the intricate design to the sparkle in it. I fell in love. I actually love wearing this to jazz up a tank top outfit, it can really take a boring everyday outfit to a spectacular looking outfit by one accessory!

Secondly we have my little chick. This is from Butler and Wilson any girl who loves sparkle and cute things, will love this store. From handbags to understated sparkle Butler and Wilson does it all. My mom is particularly fond of his skull designs. I do have my eye on a little purple corded bracelet from there.

Finally I have a little gem from my friend Alexandra's shop Queenies Bazaar. This little pin up girl is a steal at £8 and really gets people talking whenever I wear it. I think it may be a mixture of the unusual design and the expression on the pin ups face! I just love all things vintage and rockabilly and Queenies Bazaar really caters for that!

Do you like wearing statement Jewellery or do you prefer to keep it simple?