Monday, 25 August 2014

Statement Jewellery - Part 2 - Bracelets

Well as I said last time whenever I wear jewellery I like it to be a bit eye catching so for this part of my statement jewellery pieces I am going to talk about my bracelets. You can also check out my necklace post here.

 As with my necklaces I like my bracelets to be statement pieces. They are usually bangles as they are easier for me to take on and off!

 1. St Ives Flower Bangle. My mom brought me this as a gift from St Ives. It is made there and is a beautiful sterling silver bangle. As mother knows best she knows I am not a huge fan of gold and she also thought this would fit my unusually tiny wrists without looking too big on me like some set size bracelets do! I can't find this online anymore which is a shame :(

2. New Look Elasticated Leaf Bracelets. I got these about a year ago and I fell in love with them. They remind me of old roman bangles or something you would see someone wearing in the film 300!
This one is similar but not the same as these were an old style :(

 3. Black Tied Affirmation Bangle. This is possibly the most meaning item of jewellery I own so far.
The affirmation bracelets from Black Tied are beautifully made and come with a variety of positive sayings. This time last year I was going through a really bad rough patch and I couldn't shake myself out of it. I needed some positive vibes to start believing in myself again. After a lot of hard work I started to get out of my bad period and about 5 months ago I brought this bracelet as a reminder to myself to keep dreaming and believing in the things I can achieve, whether that's just taking each happy day as it comes or the bigger dreams like trying to improve my crafting skills to the point where I could possibly make my own jewellery. It seems silly to some people that a bracelet may help in focusing your energy but I actually believe in the little magical acts every day items can have and this bracelets helps me focus my energy in a positive way. So to me this is my most important piece of jewellery.

Do you like statement pieces or simple jewellery pieces better?