Thursday, 14 August 2014

TK Maxx Finds #1

I love having a good mooch around TK Maxx and usually I end up picking a few good bargains so I figured why not start posting whenever I find a good deal it there.

This time I managed to find things that probably everyone is after! Acrylic Makeup Storage!

 So this has six lipstick holders, 2 larger holders for brushes (I put mascara or concealer in them) and one large side holder. All for the low price of £4.99

 I picked up two of these, one I will use for everyday stuff and lipsticks I want to mave on display and the other I will use to rotate things I want to blog about.

There were other options in there with some much bigger storage but these two little guys are perfect for me and my limited space. Now if any of you are wondering where to find these you need to head over to the bathroom section! They are nicely tucked away in there next to toothbrush holders ect.

I also picked up a Nails Inc Leather Effect Polish for £4.99 (spoiler alert they also had a few ciate nail polish advent calanders obviously they were last years but if you didn't get one and want it they were only £20)

So this was my first TK Maxx finds post! To be honest I did not really like the store I went to and will probably go to another one next time! Have you found any bargains in TK Maxx recently?