Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Urban Decay - Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

I remember having Urban Decay - Midnight Cowboy Rides Again in my first ever Urban Decay pallette. I loved it so much and it was my favourite eyeshadow from the whole lot. It was this pink undertone glitter extravaganzer and I loved it so much!

When I decided to sell that palette as I was not getting a lot of use out of it I knew I would want to replace that shade. So When I got my naked 2 palette I swatched the offering of Midnight Cowboy Rides Again only to find it wasnt the same. I could have cried! I wanted that damn eyeshadow so much. So I scoured beauty swap and sell pages until I came across this beauty in the older packaging from a seller I could trust.

And when it arrived I fell in love again! It is the same messy explotion of eyeshadow (seriously it gets everywhere but I forgive it)  it has the same amount of glitter packed in and the same pinky hue to it! *Heart Eyes*

I Just could never get enough of this on days where I feel especially girly and I think *Only Glitter Will Do* this comes to the rescue everytime I apply it over brown smokey eyes to glam it up or wear on its own with some winged liner and I am suitably ready to attack the day! 

Even looking at it now I want to put it on! This is probably my top number 1 Urban Decay Eyeshadow! Midnight Cowboy Rides Again I salute you for being awesome!

Whats your favorite Urban Decay Eyeshadow?