Saturday, 23 August 2014

V05 - Give Me Texture - Review

I have very thin fine and limp hair, and I have tried numerous products to give my hair a little boost from the roots, from powders, to styling products, to sprays for drying your hair, nothing really gives that bit of lift and boost I was after at my roots. Especially around my face.

That was until I found the V05 Give Me Texture - Dry Texture Spray! I initially thought that this spray would be a bit like dry shampoo but its more like a dry sea salt spray (I've not had much luck with those either!)

This spray is so easy to use it is almost idiot proof, I say that because it took me a couple of attempts to get the best results with this. Firstly I style my hair as I normally would which consists of a heat protection cream for coloured hair and then blasting it with a hair dryer. As my hair is so fine it never really holds a shape or a style very well, so I try to dry my growing out fringe away from my face while trying to blow some volume in. This last bit never works and my hair just always lies flat on my face :(

I will then hold up a top section of my hair and spray underneath on the roots, and I go section by section around my whole head. I then massage in the product and ruffle it up a bit. I then have boosted roots and a bit more volume and oomph to my hair. It doesn't last all day but it is enough for me to feel a bit more confident about my hair. I also find this looks really nice if I loosely curl my hair and spray this in and mess it about, it hold the curl a bit better and falls into that messy beach hair look throughout the day.

The only downside to this spray is it can make your hair feel dry and it has a dry texture too it almost like hairspray but not as crispy. I don't know its weird to describe but my hair defiantly does not feel as soft as normal when I use this. However in my mind it is a small price to pay and my hair generally goes back to feeling fine when I put a bit of leave in conditioner in.

What products do you use to bring life to flat hair?