Thursday, 29 January 2015

Grey Nails

I'm not really a huge nail polish lover I try to do nail art but it takes so long and then I always ruin it at work so I just stick to plain colours. 

I dug out a grey Barry M polish that I completely forgot about! 

It looks a lot lighter in real life I also have a matte top coat on but it looks shiny in the picture I blame the lights in my house and the dull snowy weather outside! 

Surprisingly this is after three days of the polish there is something to be said about Barry M polishes they are easily the best high street polishes out there and they really do last and the colour range is immense! 

I think this may become my everyday nail polish preference because it is so easy and quick to do! 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Pinterest Obsession

I joined Pinterest when it first came around! I loved pinning DIY craft solutions makeup looks hair looks I became a bit obsessed. I've recently got on the Pinterest band wagon again and I am actually really loving putting all my own pictures I have taken for my blog on there. I am currently working on having a Pinterest board for my blog that I think look good (especially since I have tried to improve my blog photos) I've really enjoyed getting pictures up! 

Here is a link to my Pinterest board if you are interested 

Please leave me your links below so I can follow you all 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Goodbye Lucy

Today has been a very tough day. Today is the last time I will ever see my family dog Lucy 😭

Lucy is dying of old age and it breaks my heart to see my once lively dog loose her sight, her hearing, her sense of balance and even her sense of knowing where she is. She looks so sad all the time and looking in her face and seeing sadness is such a heartache. I know that when she is taken to the vets tomorrow it is really the best thing for her. It's amazing how a pet can take a part of our hearts and be a member of your family, it will be so weird to know that the next time I go to my mom and dads house Lucy will not be there :( 

I'm sorry that this is not the usual beauty post but I wanted to share the beauty of my dog and the sad fact that she won't be here anymore, but I do find comfort in knowing we gave her a happy life and that she had such a special place in all our hearts! We have many more happy memories of her then sad and she has had so much fight and spirit but sadly her time is up. 

Goodbye Lucy I will love you and remember you always ❤️

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Anatomicals - Farewell The Scarlet Pimplehell Mask Review

This little mask I picked up in Asda a while ago. I like to pick up a few different single use masks for times when my skin needs a little loving! I was feeling a lot of under skin bumps at the time and wanted a mud mask that would really deep clean my skin. I had never tried anything from Anatomicals (I really want to try those under eye bag reducing things they do) so I picked up this mask mostly because I liked the name! Secondly because it said it would do what I wanted! 

I found the mask to be quite thin and I had to go over it again to get a nice thick layer which isn't too bad as there is actually a generous amount of product in the packaging! 

Please ignore my rather red eye :( I suffer with sore eyes and I generally find I rub them a lot making it look worse! Not good at all for my eyes or skin but I am getting better at not doing it. This mask doesn't really dry like clay ones do. I am used to something drying on my face. This feels more like it sits and moisturises more then anything. I didn't feel like it did any deep cleaning but my skin did feel nice afterwards. I don't know if I would buy this one again I just don't think it worked in the way I wanted it to. 

Have you tried this mask before? What did you think of it? 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Seventeen Stay Time Primer - Review

I purchased this primer a few months back when I found that seventeen products had actually improved a lot and were better then I remembered! My local boots only sell Seventeen Maybelline and No7 so unless I want to take the two buses into town I am limited on impulse buys! 

I got this primer when I was looking to make my foundations sit better on my face and fill in my pores a bit. Something like the porefessional but that wasn't so expensive. 

This primer comes out in a pink colour almost like it is supposed to have some sort of brightening effect under the foundation. 

It feels very thick and sticky. It doesn't have that smooth feeling like other primers I have tried. It feels almost like rubbing a glue onto your face! It is hard to squeeze out of the tube doesn't especially smell nice but most of all if you rub too much into your face it actually rubs off and crumbles on your fingers. Imagine all the way back in primary school when you would put glue on your hands and peel it off. When you rub them together you would get all these little bits rolled up in your hands, this primer is actually very similar to that when you rub it in too much and it feels disgusting! 

I just can not get on with it at all due to how difficult it is to use. I do have another seventeen primer which is really good so I have no idea how it went so wrong with this one! 

It's not often I do bad reviews but this one is so bad I needed to warn you all about it, I know a few people have had similar experiences so I don't think it is just me not using it right! 

Sorry Seventeen this is not one of your better products. Have you tried the Seventeen Primer? What did you think about it? 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Advice To My Younger Self

I am 25 and I think I am currently having some kind of quarter life crisis! I keep wondering what I am actually doing with my life where I am going what do I want *Will I ever be able to afford a house of my own?*

So I decided as a bit of a laugh and a giggle I would look through some old photo's that I could find and have a laugh and talk about the advice I would give to a younger me! So here we go a letter to younger uncertain me....


I am about to embarrass you quite a lot, and comment on some of the things that happen in your life, but trust me it is kind of therapeutic!

 *all hail myspace and the terrible photo's* blurry out of focus photo's are going to be your saving grace! at least no one will be using these to catfish anyone you really can not see my face at all!
*ahem* you could never ever pull off the trilby hat I am glad you threw it away! You will do some stupid things before you turn 18 like underage drinking, supposedly falling in love  (you don't you are like 15 its not love)
 You will meet some crazy people and while you may be 18 here and in uni you do not look like so please always take your ID out do not loose it every other week and do not think just because your mates got in the club you will never works. 
 This cat will mean the world to you, and you will still talk about him after he dies, no other cat will compare to him and do not worry he loves you just as much, you know he sits outside your bedroom when you go to uni because he thinks you are in bed sleeping? and then your mom has to bribe him back downstairs with tuna but he will sit in your seat everyday and wait for you to come back home for a visit.
 Dying just one side of the underneath of your hair actually was pretty cool but be prepared soon you will be a whole manner of different colours....
Because you sat like this the majority of your time, I now have really bad hips.....thanks.....

You will have a lot of crazy times at uni not all of them good, learn to have fun and forget about the fact you hate your course (oh wait no that's one thing I actually did listen to myself on)
 This will always be the best reaction picture to opening a present ever, you will still have that computer 4 years later and you will thank your mom for it every day
 you will still be amazed you can make these things and to the point where you think about openings up a party balloon decorating shop (in the process so go for the things you love and follow your dreams)
your sisters will aways be the most important thing in your life and even if you do not speak for a while you will always love each other, your older sister is now having her second baby (second its a shocker we all know) and your little one will always ask when you are having a baby do not feed into her pressure!!
 you will eventually break your little sister out of that black hair, it was never a good look for her, and you will run the race for life with your aunt
 who is wonderful
 you will always want this haircut again and wonder if you can still pull it off, the drastic change look what what you needed after getting dumped by that knob, who you are much much better off without!

 your love of check shirts starts early but throw away the waist belts they do nothing for you and your figure is pretty defined already, make sure to love everything you do, at this point in your life you were miserable at uni but knew you had great supportive friends.
you will go to the graduation night out even if you didn't graduate (btw you don't graduate you walk out of uni with half a year left because it was making you miserable) and you see all your friends again, its not the last time either do not worry these are friends for life and while you may live far away from each other now they are always on the other end of facebook, who knew facebook would become such an important part of your life (I am very glad you moved away from myspace)

 This man and his son will become the most important things in your life, and you do everything you can for them, even allowing him to contemplate quitting his job and taking him to uni open days because it is his dream to study drama. You will work extra hard to make sure you can keep a roof over your head and while you feel like everything gets hard and too much, he is the reason you smile everyday. he will see you at your lowest like when your nan dies he will hold your hand and comfort you, he will be at any doctors appointment you need and will drop whatever he is doing to come and help you. You will learn to love his son no matter how hard taking on a teenage step son is, you will look forward to the day he moves in with you....its coming soon!

 the above man will force you to go on a football stadium tour, you say you will hate it but actually it was pretty good, always keep your mind open to new things!

And for now, things may be uncertain, will the man of your dreams actually go to uni this year or will he find some other thing he wants to do, the time that your stepson can pick to move in is fast approaching and you are currently trying to better your own job prospects as well as juggle the possibility of opening a party shop. Life is unexpected and wonderful and although you stress and worry a lot you have wonderful people around you!

What would you say to yourself given the chance?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

MUA Luxe Lacquer in Tranquility

When I saw MUA had some new Luxe lacquer shades out I knew I just had to try them. Tranquility really caught my eye as it is a beautiful peach based nude colour. This retails for £3 and is a lot cheaper then some of the matte cream lipsticks on offer. I know this is probably marketed as a liquid lipstick they often get compared to the Lime Crime Velvetines but the MUA Luxe Lacquers really are a more cream based consistencey.

 I love the styling of the tubes, the frosted glass and the matte black lid with gold writing always give the illusion that this would cost a lot more then it does. The staying power is good however this does crumble offfrom the middle of your lips rather then gently fade away, which is not a huge problem if you can keep an eye on it for touch ups, but does look a bit terrible if you cant touch up! However it really is easy to work with and comes off easily if you feel like it is starting to look bad after a days wear.

Another thing to note is that this things clings to dry patches like no other, it showed up dry patches I didnt even think I had!! That being said its actually not as heavy as I remeber these products feeling and they do wear really nice. You could always gloss these up and they would look equally stunning if the matte look is not for you.

Im really glad I got this and it is so nice to have a basic matte nude in my collection.

Have you tried the MUA Luce Lip Lacquers what did you think of them?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Blogger Issues

Now I have been blogging on and off for a very long time almost 5 years in fact and I am going to compile a list of all the worries, doubts, and little annoying things I have ran into while blogging!!

1. Picking a blog name is seriously hard! 
Really really hard, why does no one ever say this to anyone....or why did I not just pick something simple when I started I was called little pretty things it was just not an easy thing to remember! All Things Kerri is much much better! 

2. Bloggers Block.
The struggle is real and despite what people say there is no way to get over it!Just write when creativity smacks you in the face and in the mean time read some new blogs! Bloglovin is a great site to find new bloggers to read!

3. Things will come in and out of fashion like no ones business.
You do not have to keep up and it is perfectly ok to still love somthing that is not on 'trend' right now.

4. It takes up a lot of time.
And I am sorry guys but my full time job comes first got to keep a roof over my head and lipstick on my lips somehow so when I do not post I am busy with life! It doesn't half get in the way sometimes!

5. You will spend an insane amount of money. 
All in the effort to keep up but you know what, you do not have to and a lot of the more established blogs probably get PR samples which helps them to no end but you my friend may just have to write about your old beloved foundation rather then the 'new omg best foundation just like your skin but it's not at all' foundation. 

6. When did everyone decide to hate on makeup wipes! 
I remember the times where there were loads of posts about makeup wipes (everyone who has ever blogged in the UK probably at one point has said I use my £5 No7 voucher on the face wipes they take off my makeup great) but then one week everyone suddenly decided wipes were terrible and the liz earl hot cloth cleanser was where it was at, then it was clarisonic, then it was cleanser balms and now its micellar water (that stuff actually is great and when people move onto the the next thing I will still be loving mine) p.s I also still use makeup wipes when I am especially lazy or you know drunk.....

7. There is NO measure of sucess.
If there was I would be a pretty poor blogger I have very little followers for someone who has been doing it as long as me (not that I dont love you I really do and everyone who reads this is my blogging best friend for life) and the only time a PR company has ever got in touch with me was to write about some house of holland underwear paired with Barry M nailpolish (which I did hoping it would open up some other didnt) if you decide to do blogging for free things or followers or stat numbers (or money) you are in the wrong game! 

8. You will become obsessed with at least one makeup item.
Enough said on's like searching for the holy grail item you accumulate so much it just becomes some never ending stock pile of mascaras eyeshadows foundations and lipsticks blushes you name it you will have more then the average person needs, and people will think you are crazy for it! 

9. You will feel shit.
At some point the blogging self doubt will creep over you and you will onder if you are good enough, if you have the right equipment (answer no someone will always have better) do you take your pictures well enough (answer yes as long as you can see it) why am I not as good as the next blogger (answer the next blogger is not you and if you concentrate on what others do there is no way you will grow a blog as yourself it will just be some knock off of another blog)

10. It is really really fun
I have never made a huge amount of friends from blogging but those I have made I still talk to now, it is a great way to meet new people with the same interests and you may even get to go to a few events! Plus if you just like writing (like me) you will find the whole process a lot of fun! 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

January Birchbox 2015

Yay the first Birchbox of the year has arrived and this month is all about hitting refresh! This January Birchbox have teamed up with Women's Health Magazine and I think it is actually a pretty good box this month.

Inside the box this month we have the usual cards (including a subscription to women's health magazine offer) and a mini 12 challenges booklet with ways to kick start a new year. There are 5 samples and two 'lifestyle' extra.

1, Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo
 I am really glad to get this, I am not the biggest fan of Philip Kingsley stuff I feel like it weighs down my hair but I think the other option was a volumising conditioner and that would seriously have weighed my hair down as I tend to keep away from conditioner so it was nice to see another shampoo, it is a sample I can really look forward to using.

2. Stila Lip Glaze in Glimmer
This is full size and at £15 easily covers the cost of the box! This is a nice peachy nude with lots of gold shimmer in, I am not a huge lover of lip gloss but this year I want to try to challenge myself with makeup so I am ready to give it a go, I understand loads of people love this gloss so I hope it can change my mind about how horrible glosses are!

3. Heal Gel Body
This is a tiny sample and I don't really know a lot about heal gel other then they make an eye cream that a lot of people rave about! I am happy to try this I don't think the sample will go a long way but it might be good to use on my dry elbows!

4. Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum
Another sample I am really really happy to get! I have really been getting into my skincare so the more skincare samples I get the better for me! I have never tried anything by Caudalie so I am really excited to give them a go!

5. Active Bod Showergel Concentrate
Who knew you could get concentrated showergel's? I thought that was just for cordial drinks! This works on the same basis that you need to use half as much to get your usual shower out of it! This size will be great for if I ever get round to starting the gym and if not it will just be great to use in the shower!

6. Embrace Match Green Tea
I am not a big tea drinker and by that I mean I do not drink tea (I know how un-british of me) but I think this is in a powder form rather then a tea bag so I might add it into a juice to get the extra anti-oxidant goodness from this!

7. Birchbox Pilates Band
This little pink elastic goddess comes in at £8 and is actually really good. I never figured that a rubber band would add so much resistance to normal everyday exercises that I am really looking forward to incorporating this into a routine. This will help build muscle endurance and tone you up! Brilliant as I just got some new clothes that fit my in the sales so I don't want to loose weight but toning up is definitely on the agenda and I think it will be easier with this little baby!

I am amazed at this months Birchbox and I think it is a really great box to start off the year! I have a few codes for you now if you want to sign up to birchbox,

Referal Code - using this code to get your box gives us both £5 worth of birchbox points to use in their online store (they sell full size of all the items and even sell things like benefit and stila)

Entering the code JANBB when purchasing your box will get you an original beauty blender worth £16

Thursday, 8 January 2015

2014 Skincare and Haircare Favourites

I hope 2015 has started off brilliantly for you all! Today I am going to start showing my favourite products of 2014 but with a little more detail then I went into my favourites video on youtube (you can watch the whole video below)

I am going to start off with my Skincare and Hairecare Favourties

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
2014 is the year I decided to give this whole cleansing water things a go. I didn't really want to buy Bioderma as I figured all these water cleanser things would really do the same job so I played it safe and ended up with the Garnier one. I can't really compare it to anything else but I will say that the Micellar Water takes off my makeup better then I ever Imagined it would! It doesn't take place of a proper good cleanser but this does a very good job of quickly removing makeup, and just generally getting rid of dirt and buildup. I like using this in the morning after my nightly cleanse and seeing all the nasty stuff that settles in my face during the night!

2. L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum.
I have to say skincare is something I have never stuck to religiously and I think now I have hit 25 my skin is freaking out because of it! I got this serum on the recommendation of a few youtubers and it is designed for the twenty something skin. This has been designed to help, even skin tone, reduce pores, hydrate the skin and leave it silky smooth. Ive been using this long enough to know it is helping to reduce my redness and makes my skin feel amazing, not so much progress on my pores but I can live with that. This serum is really nice and if anything I would use it purely based on the fact my skin feels better after I use it.

3. Olay Instant Hydration Eye Cream
I use this eyecream like there is no tomorrow it sinks into the skin so well that I actually think I use too much at times! It instantly cools my eye area leaving it feeling refreshed, but it also adds much needed hydration to my dry eye area. Because I have dry skin there it tends to emphasise all my small wrinkles and while I do not think they will ever go this really does help minimise the look of them.

4. L'Oreal Mythic Oil
This hair oil is amazing. Hands down the best one I have ever used. I have not found many hair items that I love but this is one because it really does a good job of nourishing my dry hair ends. This oil is also slightly thinner then other hair oils I have used so it doesn't weigh my thin hair down and adds moisture where I need it. I feel other oils travel up the hair shaft and can make my roots too oily but this is good and just staying where I need it!

What have been your skincare and haircare favourites of 2014?

Here is my 2014 Favourites video, enjoy.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Avon Hollywood Collection Glimmerstick Eyeliner - At The Flicks - Review

I love picking up some budget beauty ecsentials from Avon. They have agreat range and I really love some of their basic stuff like powders, eyeliners and mascaras. I decided recently to get myself the new Avon Hollywood Collection Glimmerstick Eyeliner in the shade At The Flicks (otherwise known as black!)

The Eyeliner itself comes in a twist tube and is fairly basic in terms of packaging. I do like the gold writing but there is noting too fancy or special about it.

 The product twists out in this rather strange angular way, I assume this is shaped to help you do winged liner easier and the actual plastic shape reminds me of the new benefit push up liner, however this is not a gel liner at all so is not really easy to do a flick with.
I have actually found the glimmerstick eyeliner to be a bit tricky to work with. It feels very hard, it drags on my eyelids which is really uncomfortable and mostly it has such an uneven colour. It is not fluid at all. I hate to say this but it really is a terrible eyeliner.

You can see here the uneven application it fades in colour is not a strong black and honestly doesnt look too good. I suppose trying to find a bright side is that this eyeliner does give a crisp line so *if* there was a softer more easier to use eyeliner in the packaging I imagine this would be really great for winged liner, but for now, it is a bit too harsh and hard to use so will probably go into a pile of things I regret buying!

Have you tried this liner? What were your thoughts?

Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Blogger Resolutions

Hello my fellow blogger friends! 

I've been thinking a lot about what I want my blogging resolutions to be this year and I have a few that fingers crossed I can achieve! 

1. Make More Youtube Videos

I don't know if you are aware but I actually am on YouTube! I really enjoy the process of filming and putting up videos and now I can do it all from my IPhone I am looking to do it more. Whether it be short reviews or get ready with me videos  I want to have fun and film as and when I feel like it.

2. Post More

Whether this be more posts because I do slack off at times (the hazard of having a full time job) or whether I post a bit more personal things I just want to do more. This is still a hobby I enjoy and I want to do what makes me happy

3. Not Feel Blogger Pressure

I always feel like I should be doing more then I am. That I have to compete with the other bloggers in the world when really I just have to do what I want! 

4.Set A Blogging Goal 
I have been blogging on and off for a few years now and have around 200 or so followers I saw a lot of increase when I was more active so I am hoping by being more active and posting things I enjoy I may gain some more followers I would like to get 100 more followers on whatever medium they wish to follow. I think it's a small but realistic goal :) 

What are you blogging goals? 

And to finish off here's a cute picture of Hyde my chinchilla