Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Seventeen Stay Time Primer - Review

I purchased this primer a few months back when I found that seventeen products had actually improved a lot and were better then I remembered! My local boots only sell Seventeen Maybelline and No7 so unless I want to take the two buses into town I am limited on impulse buys! 

I got this primer when I was looking to make my foundations sit better on my face and fill in my pores a bit. Something like the porefessional but that wasn't so expensive. 

This primer comes out in a pink colour almost like it is supposed to have some sort of brightening effect under the foundation. 

It feels very thick and sticky. It doesn't have that smooth feeling like other primers I have tried. It feels almost like rubbing a glue onto your face! It is hard to squeeze out of the tube doesn't especially smell nice but most of all if you rub too much into your face it actually rubs off and crumbles on your fingers. Imagine all the way back in primary school when you would put glue on your hands and peel it off. When you rub them together you would get all these little bits rolled up in your hands, this primer is actually very similar to that when you rub it in too much and it feels disgusting! 

I just can not get on with it at all due to how difficult it is to use. I do have another seventeen primer which is really good so I have no idea how it went so wrong with this one! 

It's not often I do bad reviews but this one is so bad I needed to warn you all about it, I know a few people have had similar experiences so I don't think it is just me not using it right! 

Sorry Seventeen this is not one of your better products. Have you tried the Seventeen Primer? What did you think about it?