Thursday, 26 February 2015

Crafting Projects

About a year ago I told pawl I would make him a chinchilla cushion! I had just started to crochet and thought it would be a bit of fun!! With no patterns or real help on shapes what I have is a cushion that looks a lot like a mouse!! 

Here is what a chinchilla actually looks like (this is my chinchilla Hyde) 

I may crochet some little white circles to put in the ears. I think I also should have done the ears a little bigger!! It's not bad for my first attempt at something like this! 

I have also started a blanket (a significantly easier project) but being me I have decided on a stitch I do not know and not the easiest pattern in the world but I am making a chevron pattern granny square blanket. Here is the beginning of it.

I love crochet rather then knitting as the projects (if you have the time to sit down and do them) as they develop a bit faster. 

You don't really get a sense of how big this is (it is as wide as a double bed) and is around 160 stitches across. It will be going from this pink shade to a dark purple and if I need to make it taller I might take it to a dark blue. So it should have a bit of a ombré look to it. 

Does anyone else make their own crafty goods? I usually love things like this because they help me to relax! Hopefully I can finish this one quicker then the cushion! 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Project 10 Pan

three years ago all the way back in 2012 I started a project 10 pan. The idea is you try to use up ten makeup items or hit pan on those items before you buy duplicates ect. I struggled doing this last time as I picked products I knew I should be using even if I didnt enjoy them that much and so this time round I have a good range of items to use.

I have foundations concealers, mascaras, and all sorts to use up. I am really looking forward to it.

Here is my video showing what I am going to be using.

For some reason youtube hates me right now! through the blogger app of inputting videos straight from my youtube account it says I have none, and now it just displays a really annoying grey box!

If you are doing this project or would like to join in, please let me know, and I will be doing monthly updates for anyone interested.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Wild About Beauty - Rose Water Serum

The Wild about beauty rose water illuminating serum came in this months Birchbox and is possibly the best product I got from that box. 

I love the squeeze tube style packaging with the pump. It makes it so easy to get the product out. The wild about beauty serum also has genuinely beautiful packaging there's tiny embossed insects and flowers in the top corner and it looks so nice and expensive (as it should at £22) 

The serum itself is nice and light and looks like a white serum at first but melts into a really nice pink toned hollagraphic serum. 

It has really made a difference to how my foundation applies. I really like this it reminds me of the L'Oreal serum but much lighter and refreshing on the skin. 

I don't know what this will do for me long term but I am excited to see if there is a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. Especially as rose water can be used as an anti-inflammatory and helps to moisturise skin. I hope it can help to reduce my bags a little bit around my eyes and maybe help keep my skin smooth. 

Did you get this in feb's Birchbox? have you tried it? 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rimmel Kate Moss Liptsick - 08

I have been looking for MAC's Velvet Teddy Lipstick for ages and can not find it anywhere *sobs* but upon browsing for dupes I came across Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 08. This is actually a really easy lipstick to find in the UK a lot of other dupes were wet and wild which is almost impossible to find over here so I was happy to see a dupe I can get my hands on.

I love the packaging on the Kate Moss range of lipsticks. it is all matte black and very sleek and nice looking. It doesnt look cheap and I really like the size and shape of them. 

The colouring of this is a very nude brown with under tones of pink to it. It is a matte formula and is really long lasting (unless you have a cold and like me need to keep blowing your nose, then it disappears!) but never the less it is a very nice lipstick. If you have every tried Rimmel Lipsticks you will know they feel creamy and soft and are very nicely pigmented.

I love the colour of this lipstick and it can easily become my new everyday lipstick. Even while I will still be on the hunt for Velvet Teddy this lipstick is one I am really happy I have purchased and it looks nice in my ever growing collection of lipsticks!

Have you tried Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 08? What do you think of it?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

MUA Makeup Academy Brushes

A while ago I made an MUA order. I had forgot about the brand after the launch of makeup revolution and wanted to try some things from the original budget friendly beauty line!! 

One of the things I picked up were a few brushes. There was nothing for foundation that really took my fancy (as I like a nice dense blending brush) so I got a few eyeshadow brushes and a fan brush. 

I love the look of these brushes they are a shiny back plastic handle with white writing on. The handles are quite long and nice to hold, and the bristles are cased in a black metal. It all looks very sleek. The brushes are all lettered and numbered I assume 'e' stands for eye and 'f' stands for face. It's a nice touch from the company and not something they needed to do but it makes it all feel a bit more expensive having a name to the brush. I always felt with the MUA lipsticks they had no name because they were cheap so I didn't expect the brushes to come with names printed on them either. 

I got an angled blending brush - e2, a big fluffy blending brush e11 - a shadow brush -e1, and a fan brush -f7

Thes are soft but they are not super soft brushes either just your average budget brushes. They do the job well. Personally from the four brushes I got the standouts are easily the e11 and the f7. 

These two brushes have made it into my everyday rotation of brushes and easily hold their place among some of my more expensive brushes. I would suggest taking a look at the range the cheaper brushes cost £1.50 and I think the most expensive is about £5. I think these are well worth the money and are a really cheap way to get into makeup brushes. 

Have you tried the MUA range of brushes ? Which ones do you like? 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette

I keep looking for forgotten products to use and Makeup Revolution Acids brights is a palette I always forget I own. I think because at first look it is always a bit shocking that I get a bit nervous about using it! 

There are some very very useful and surprisingly everyday colours in this palette. 

The first pink white and yellow are not very pigmented but the rest of the colours make up for the rest of that easily. 

I love the highlighter pink and green, the khaki green silver and black are really versatile colours giving a bit of everyday to an otherwise quite challenging palette to use. 

I've been brainstorming all day ways that I can use this product and will be doing a few videos featuring this eyeshadow palette especially as I want to start using more of the makeup I already have rather then feeling the need to buy more! I think that the joy of this product it that you could get a lot of use from it and I am really looking forward to experimenting. 

Have you used this palette? What did you think of it? 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Date Night

It is important to set aside time for a date when you have a long term partner no matter what you do. We might live together but it's nice to take those few hours away from the washing up, the cleaning and the cooking! So tonight we are going to a pub quiz to have some food and a relax. 

I thought I would share my outfit I still struggle with what looks good on me now I have gained a bit of weight. I decided on a floral skirt and a black top and had a bare no makeup face! Brave or lazy I am not 100% sure yet on why I decided to go bare faced! 

Also I am absolutely loving my new grey hair just not so much what I use to get it! 

Hope you are all having a good night 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

TKMaxx Red Nose Day Shirt

I love the TKMaxx Red Nose Day shirts that come out every year. Money raised for Red Nose Day (part of comic relief) goes to help people in the UK as well as other countries the list of what they do is endless and goes to really great causes. 

This year the shirts feature sayings or slogans. I think the designs this year are really cool (I was not a huge fan of the faces with red noses or animals with red noses they usually do) these feel a bit more personal! 

I struggle buying shirts lately as having gone up a few clothes sizes I am not sure what looks good on my! I worried it would look too tight or bury me! I am glad to say the shirt fits nice (I got a medium and I am a busty size 14 on top and about a 12 on the bottom) the colour hadn't run in the wash but most importantly it is a comfy shirt! 

I styled the shirt by tucking it into some jeans and pairing it with a blazer I think it looked good the top is a bit quirky with all the eyes on it and I think it matches the Oscar Wilde Quote. 

The shirts cost from £9.99 and £5 goes towards comic relief. 

Have you seen the TKMaxx shirts yet? 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

February Birchbox UK

Oh I have waited rather impatiently for this box because you could pick to have the slim line version of the box which easily fits in your letter box, so no more calling the yodel delivery driver and telling him I'm at work (in all fairness he goes there first now) or no more arranging to get your box delivered somewhere else! Yay! 

Also this box had two makeup items and I love getting me some makeup stuff! 

So in this box you get 
Liz Earl Botanical Shine Shampoo (50ml) 

 T London Darjeeling bath and shower wash (50ml)

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner (assuming this is full price it's worth £11)

TheBalm Cosmetics Stainiac (sample) 
Some people got the cindy-Lou-manizer sample which I really really wanted but the stainiac is pretty good still! 

You get a Chia oat sample (worth around £1) as your lifestyle extra but my most impressive item this month has to be,

Wild About Beauty rose water illuminating serum worth £22!!!! 

(Next month as a little added surprise you get to pick your own benefit sample so I can not wait for next month as I love benefit makeup) 

If you use this referral link we will both get £5 to spend in the Birchbox store (I used my points to buy benefits they're real push up liner and the fakeup concealer)
I have finally found you guys some discount codes too! So using the code lovebb you can get free shipping on the february box OR using the code Valentine you get a free goody bag. You can only use one code and I am not sure how long these will be available for! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

V05 Give Me Texture Spray

As a fine, limp haired girl I find getting any kind of volume, style or even curl to hold in my hair is pretty much impossible. I used to use a lot of hairspray which honestly makes it feel so crispy and dry. I then tried salt sprays but I found they would damage my semi permanent dyes and ruin the look. As I am a massive fan of colourful hair that will just not sit well with me! 
I then tried dry shampoos and while I like them they just did not give that lift or volume or texture I was after. So I looked in the hair section of boots and found this. 

This is some kind of miracle product I can spray it to my roots and achieve a bit of lift (not massive but more then dry shampoo) I can apply it to freshly washed hair to give it some grip. It then holds curls a bit better and I can put in French plaits without worrying it will slide out of place. 

Any one with fine hair will appreciate what this could do for styling your hair. It makes it just that little bit easier without feeling horrible or weighing your hair down. The texture does take a bit of getting used to because it feels different to your normal hair just a bit tacky but not inflexible! It has made styling my hair much easier and has become a staple product for me in the last few months

Have you tried the v05 yet? What do you think of it? 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rituals - Qi-Gong Anti-Perspirant

Now if I am completely honest when this little sample landed on my door step in a GlossyBox I got a little bit annoyed about having an Anti-Perspirant in the box!! I didn't smell and I also scoffed at the price of this (£9 full sized) why on earth would anyone spend that much? 

I usually go for whatever I can get on offer in my monthly shop! So to even contemplate spending £9 on this (or finding some kind of offer that makes it worthwhile) it had better be pretty special. 

Shockingly I actually really enjoyed using this! 
It does a really good job of keeping the sweat at bay and has a very pleasant smell, nothing over powering just nice and fresh. 

Mostly what I liked about this is that it didn't dry out my under arm area. I find a lot of sprays can leave me with dry white skin. It isn't very attractive and it can get itchy (super attractive I know) but with this spray I didn't get that! I am kind of wondering now if it is worth spending the £9 on it constantly but the price is still a major sticking point for me! If money were not an issue I would buy this all the time but as I do not make a lot if money it is a lot to spend on my underarms (I just don't think they are worth the £9 when I have cheaper clothes to cover them up!!)  

If I ever get this sample again I will be happy but I probably will not try to get hold if this less I can find it cheaper!! 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Friends and Family Weekend

So this weekend has been really nice for me :) I had such a great time with friends and family got to see my new baby nephew again hang out with family who live in London (parents of new baby nephew) and generally had a good time.

Friday night my amazing partner (on the left playing bass) had his first gig in 6 years with his new band I couldn't be prouder of him at the moment he also is starting a new job in Monday working at jaguar land rover so he is pretty much amazing right now! 

I tried to get my hair this colour and failed so miserably!! However after failing I have ordered a colour mousse from America to be imported which such give me my ever coveted grey hair! 

After being made free from work on Saturday me Pawl and my step son made our way to a huge family meal. With twelve adults 3 toddlers 1 teenager and a new born baby there were bound to be arguements and as soon as we arrived one was in full swing! Thank goodness for little cuties like this to make you smile 

All in all I have had a brilliant weekend today has been dedicated to playing Drivecluv on the ps4 with my step son and while it is always a sad time when he has to be dropped back at home I will see him soon. I really have enjoyed the weekend it had been really relaxing for me! 

How was everyone else's weekend?