Thursday, 26 February 2015

Crafting Projects

About a year ago I told pawl I would make him a chinchilla cushion! I had just started to crochet and thought it would be a bit of fun!! With no patterns or real help on shapes what I have is a cushion that looks a lot like a mouse!! 

Here is what a chinchilla actually looks like (this is my chinchilla Hyde) 

I may crochet some little white circles to put in the ears. I think I also should have done the ears a little bigger!! It's not bad for my first attempt at something like this! 

I have also started a blanket (a significantly easier project) but being me I have decided on a stitch I do not know and not the easiest pattern in the world but I am making a chevron pattern granny square blanket. Here is the beginning of it.

I love crochet rather then knitting as the projects (if you have the time to sit down and do them) as they develop a bit faster. 

You don't really get a sense of how big this is (it is as wide as a double bed) and is around 160 stitches across. It will be going from this pink shade to a dark purple and if I need to make it taller I might take it to a dark blue. So it should have a bit of a ombré look to it. 

Does anyone else make their own crafty goods? I usually love things like this because they help me to relax! Hopefully I can finish this one quicker then the cushion!