Tuesday, 17 February 2015

MUA Makeup Academy Brushes

A while ago I made an MUA order. I had forgot about the brand after the launch of makeup revolution and wanted to try some things from the original budget friendly beauty line!! 

One of the things I picked up were a few brushes. There was nothing for foundation that really took my fancy (as I like a nice dense blending brush) so I got a few eyeshadow brushes and a fan brush. 

I love the look of these brushes they are a shiny back plastic handle with white writing on. The handles are quite long and nice to hold, and the bristles are cased in a black metal. It all looks very sleek. The brushes are all lettered and numbered I assume 'e' stands for eye and 'f' stands for face. It's a nice touch from the company and not something they needed to do but it makes it all feel a bit more expensive having a name to the brush. I always felt with the MUA lipsticks they had no name because they were cheap so I didn't expect the brushes to come with names printed on them either. 

I got an angled blending brush - e2, a big fluffy blending brush e11 - a shadow brush -e1, and a fan brush -f7

Thes are soft but they are not super soft brushes either just your average budget brushes. They do the job well. Personally from the four brushes I got the standouts are easily the e11 and the f7. 

These two brushes have made it into my everyday rotation of brushes and easily hold their place among some of my more expensive brushes. I would suggest taking a look at the range the cheaper brushes cost £1.50 and I think the most expensive is about £5. I think these are well worth the money and are a really cheap way to get into makeup brushes. 

Have you tried the MUA range of brushes ? Which ones do you like?