Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rituals - Qi-Gong Anti-Perspirant

Now if I am completely honest when this little sample landed on my door step in a GlossyBox I got a little bit annoyed about having an Anti-Perspirant in the box!! I didn't smell and I also scoffed at the price of this (£9 full sized) why on earth would anyone spend that much? 

I usually go for whatever I can get on offer in my monthly shop! So to even contemplate spending £9 on this (or finding some kind of offer that makes it worthwhile) it had better be pretty special. 

Shockingly I actually really enjoyed using this! 
It does a really good job of keeping the sweat at bay and has a very pleasant smell, nothing over powering just nice and fresh. 

Mostly what I liked about this is that it didn't dry out my under arm area. I find a lot of sprays can leave me with dry white skin. It isn't very attractive and it can get itchy (super attractive I know) but with this spray I didn't get that! I am kind of wondering now if it is worth spending the £9 on it constantly but the price is still a major sticking point for me! If money were not an issue I would buy this all the time but as I do not make a lot if money it is a lot to spend on my underarms (I just don't think they are worth the £9 when I have cheaper clothes to cover them up!!)  

If I ever get this sample again I will be happy but I probably will not try to get hold if this less I can find it cheaper!!