Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Friends and Family Weekend

So this weekend has been really nice for me :) I had such a great time with friends and family got to see my new baby nephew again hang out with family who live in London (parents of new baby nephew) and generally had a good time.

Friday night my amazing partner (on the left playing bass) had his first gig in 6 years with his new band I couldn't be prouder of him at the moment he also is starting a new job in Monday working at jaguar land rover so he is pretty much amazing right now! 

I tried to get my hair this colour and failed so miserably!! However after failing I have ordered a colour mousse from America to be imported which such give me my ever coveted grey hair! 

After being made free from work on Saturday me Pawl and my step son made our way to a huge family meal. With twelve adults 3 toddlers 1 teenager and a new born baby there were bound to be arguements and as soon as we arrived one was in full swing! Thank goodness for little cuties like this to make you smile 

All in all I have had a brilliant weekend today has been dedicated to playing Drivecluv on the ps4 with my step son and while it is always a sad time when he has to be dropped back at home I will see him soon. I really have enjoyed the weekend it had been really relaxing for me! 

How was everyone else's weekend?