Thursday, 5 February 2015

V05 Give Me Texture Spray

As a fine, limp haired girl I find getting any kind of volume, style or even curl to hold in my hair is pretty much impossible. I used to use a lot of hairspray which honestly makes it feel so crispy and dry. I then tried salt sprays but I found they would damage my semi permanent dyes and ruin the look. As I am a massive fan of colourful hair that will just not sit well with me! 
I then tried dry shampoos and while I like them they just did not give that lift or volume or texture I was after. So I looked in the hair section of boots and found this. 

This is some kind of miracle product I can spray it to my roots and achieve a bit of lift (not massive but more then dry shampoo) I can apply it to freshly washed hair to give it some grip. It then holds curls a bit better and I can put in French plaits without worrying it will slide out of place. 

Any one with fine hair will appreciate what this could do for styling your hair. It makes it just that little bit easier without feeling horrible or weighing your hair down. The texture does take a bit of getting used to because it feels different to your normal hair just a bit tacky but not inflexible! It has made styling my hair much easier and has become a staple product for me in the last few months

Have you tried the v05 yet? What do you think of it?