Thursday, 7 May 2015

Black & White Hair Pomade *

I am not really one for styling my hair as it is so fine it never holds the style. I always have to use tonnes of hairspray which leaves it feeling pretty crispy and I just want never happy with the outcome.

I got a very interesting email the other day inviting me to try the Black & White Hair Dressers Pomade (which works in the same way as a wax) I instantly jumped at the chance especially after reading a bit about it! 

Black and White Wax have been nominated for Best High Street Wax at the 2015 Hair Magazine Awards. Already winner of this category on more than one occasion and with over 90 years in the industry Black and White Wax has become something of an iconic hair product. Whenever I try hair products I always gravitate towards the tried and tested ones, the ones that have stuck around and are still popular. 

I love how simple the packaging is here there's no gimmick to make me buy it, its not hot pink to draw my eye in, its just simple packaging that actually looks quite nice on my dresser!

Inside you get a decent 50ml of product and considering how little I out through my hair, this is going to last a really long time. 

There are two main uses I have discovered so far for this

1. Smoothing down my fly away hairs! 
At the gym this is the thing that bothers me I have fine baby hairs around my face that I could never get to stay down but this wax manages it, and does it without looking greasy!

2. Finishing my style

I work Black & White Pomade throughout the mid sections to the ends of my styled hair, and it helps to keep it in shape without loosing any of my hairs natural movement. I kind of like that messy look to my hair so I just style my hair, work a bit of the wax between my hands and then scrunch it into the end of my hair. It works well and as a little bonus smells quite nice too! 

I'm so glad I gave this a go and at RRP £4.95 I will 100% repurchase when it runs out!

Available at most retailers like superdrug, boots, and most supermarkets. 

*This was sent to me as a PR sample, whoever opinions are 100% my own.