Thursday, 21 May 2015

Helping Your Children Through The Exam Period

My stepson is currently doing his GCSEs and is getting a little bit stressed. I am sure lots of other young kids are going through this and are feeling under pressure, I remember it all too well from my GCSEs A Levels University and even at 25 the mere mention of an exam at work freaks me out! 

However with all the pressure at school I have been trying my hardest to impart some wisdom on my step son and maybe calm his nerves a bit as well. His teachers keep telling him 'he needs to do well other wise he will be nothing later on in life' 
This is a HUGE amount of pressure to put on. what is a young adult already going through a difficult time in their life! Hormones, changes and the prospect of not seeing friends again when they go off to college ect then to add on exam pressures is huge even more if they do activities outside of school! 

I had a few pearls of wisdom to help him cope with the pressure. 

1. Bite size chunks of revision are much more effective then last minute cramming. Use your exam time table to effectively work out what you should be revising and when.

2. Do as many online mock exams as possible. It gets you used to how a question is set up and what words they may use. That way there will be no nasty shocks in the exam and you can think with a level head. 

3. These exams are important, however as long as you can walk out of your exam and say honestly that you have done your best and you revised to the best of your ability, there is nothing more you can do. 

4. Relate the exams to things you enjoy. My stepson does martial arts and is doing professional fights, we have explained to him how the correct preparation helps him win a fight, that is the same way he will pass his exams by doing the right preparation. 

5. Reward yourself after you have reached your target of revision. Revise for an hour play a game for half an hour eat some chocolate. Do what you want to keep yourself motivated. 

6.  Sleep well the night before an exam and eat a good breakfast. Sleep is important otherwise you won't concentrate during the exam same goes for food, give your brain and body some good energy. 

7. Try not to fret about results once the exam is over forget about it other wise you could still be thinking about your physics answers in your exam about Shakespeare!! Concentrate on what your are doing, not what you have done or may do what what might be! 

8. Relax as hard as that is at times you can not always be revising you will wear yourself out. Take time to chill out. 

I hope anyone having exams finds this helpful, and I hope parents remind their children to do their best. Ultimately the teachers will hand over the best way for students to prepare for exams and all we can do is support them as best as possible. 

Good Luck if you are taking exams!!