Monday, 11 May 2015

Pommade Divine Natures Remedy Balm Review

I tried Pommade Divine Natures Remedy Balm as a sample in a recent birchbox. After using it and finding it really helped with some of my skin conditions I decided that I just had to get the full sized version!

Pommade Divine is a balm that is made up with 97% natural ingredients. It has its roots from the 1800's and after reading up on the product was apparently very famous amongst nanny's as they claimed it was a 'cure all balm' around the 80's the balm stopped production but lately has been brought back.

It has various ingredients that are, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and moisturising. It claims it can soothe bruises, cuts, scrapes and even insect bites, protect inflamed skin, deep miniaturisation, even prevent the likelihood of scarring.

However I decided to use this on my arms and legs to help with my eczema. The balm I figures would be slowly absorbed meaning I get a protective shield on my skin as well as some deep nourishing benefit to the skin. I also figured that the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in Pommade Divine would really help on those bad days where the skin is inflamed and cracked open (either from a bad flare up or me scratching in my sleep).

I'm going to add a cut into this blog post here so not everyone has to see the pictures of my eczema. So a quick summary is yes after using it for two weeks I saw a huge improvement. So read below if you want to actually see the difference.

I will tell you it costs £19.80 and you can buy it here. But in my opinion and based on how it has changed my skin it is 100% worth it!

This was before I started to use Pommade Divine. My eczema was red, sore, and a few open cracked areas of skin, especially around my wrist.

After a week it started to heal better, look less red and inflamed. It looked dry, however I didn't suffer so much with the dry itching feeling every eczema sufferer knows. I still scratched occasionally as I think I always will, but I noticed the balm did help soothe afterwards.

 Two weeks after using Pommade Divine I still have noticeable areas, but it is no where near as red or sore looking and for me is a huge improvement. I still have flare ups and bad days, but continued use of this balm is really improving the appearance of my skin. My legs are usually about 80% worse then my arms, they are usually completely covered with bad patches of eczema however for the first time in a very very long time, I am seeing fresh patches of skin.