Monday, 18 May 2015

Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish - Porta-loo-blue

I decided to start using some more summery and spring time colours on my nails to give myself a much needed colour boost! I usually wear dark colours however I want to inject more colour where I can do without buying a whole new wardrobe painting my nails is the next best way! 

I picked up this Rita Ora Rimmel Nail Polish in Porta-loo-blue 

Honestly I'm not a fan of the name I get its supposed to remind you of summer festivals but I just find it a bit of a disgusting name! Porta-loos are not cute at any time! 

However I absolutely love the colour it leans between a mint almost teal colour and lucky for me and my lazy ways you really can get away with one coat. 
Two would give you optimum coverage but one is fine if you are in a rush. 

I really like these Rimmel Nail Polishes as I find that they don't leave brush strokes and look really shiny after applying them! 

I think this would look equally great with some glitter over the top! I also can't wait to use this polish in some nail design! I'm trying to be more adventurous with my nails rather then just leaving it until the colour chips off completely! 

Have you tried this polish? What did you think of it?