Saturday, 27 February 2016

Laura Mercier - Radiance Face Primer

In my ongoing search for a good foundation primer I figured I would give the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer a go. I want something that could give me a dewy look to my skin because as I'm getting older, I prefer the look of a dewy skin finish. 

I figured this would be great as I have heard so many people talk about how great the Laura Marcier Primers are. 

The packaging on the primer is really minimal and for me very pleasing on the eye. The squeeze tube makes application easy and I can really control how much product I use. It feels really silky and smooth when applying it to my skin almost like I am just applying another moisturiser! 

This gives me the dewy base I crave for my foundations without making my skin feel heavy or caked up with products. I am just undecided if this extends the life of my foundation or not. And while it may feel nice on my skin I can't help but feel it's a bit of an unnecessary step. I want to love this primer as much as other people do but I just can't! It just doesn't feel like it's doing enough for me! I suppose my quest for a primer wil continue.  

Menow Cosmetics - Matte Lip Stains

Lately I have been cleaning out my makeup and along with a whole new host of storage and a smaller collection, i found some hidden gems that I just forgot about. Some of these were the ever so popular 99p matte lipsticks from menow, which you can find on ebay.

I have 4 of them here to share with you and they are all beautiful colours.

From top to bottom I have
Shade 33 - A Wine Burgundy Red
Shade 18 - A Dusty Grey Toned Nude (Think Limecrime Cashmere)
Shade 32 - A Bright Muted Red
Shade 26 - A Pale Pink Nude

The swatches from Left to Right are; 33,18,26 and finally 32

I love the colour of these and the long lasting formula. They can be a tad bit drying on the lips but overall I love wearing them. If you want to test the waters with some matte lip colours you could do much worse then ordering these. I am glad I have rediscovered them and have enjoyed wearing them the last few days. The wear time on these is fantastic I have been able to eat food and drink with these on and they last hours without any noticeable shifting or crumbling. I wish I had a wider range of colours and that these came in a few more crazy colours, the whole collection has a lot of nudes and pinks but not a lot else in between unfortunatly.