Saturday, 26 March 2016

Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Heavenly Volume.

I am a huge batiste dry shampoo lover! I was over the moon when I found out they were vegan friendly and cruelty free! It meant I could keep one of my holy grail items in my switch over to cruelty fee makeup! 

I recently picked up the batiste plus heavenly volume because I have really thin fine hair and wanted to add a bit of oomph to my roots!

This as always does a really good job of soaking up all of those excess oils in my hair however it does leave a really strange texture to my hair. 

I like to spray my hair at night so when I wake up the spray has worked its magic but it's just not an option with this spray. It makes my hair matted and knotted together. I do not use this as a dry shampoo anymore but use this in place of a back combing powder. It gives that same sticky texture which means back combing oils sty in well. 

It's a shame that this isn't a good dry Shampoo for me because I love the type of this can and I love the scent. 

Which is your favourite batiste spray?