Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pommade Divine - 1 year on

So around this time last year I posted about the dramatic difference that using Pommade Divine had on my eczema in just two weeks.

I have now been using this miracle balm for a year and I can honestly say it is one beauty product I will not be without. While in the short term Pommade Divine really calmed down my eczema and soothed the skin with continued use I have seen real healing and long lasting results. 


After One Year

After one year use of this balm my skin is largely clear. There are small remains of eczema and some light scarring from scratching my skin raw but you would never tell how bad my skin once was. 

Pommade Divine contains a lot of natural ingredients that promote natural healing in the skin, the main moisturise properties come from Shea butter and lanolin (so this makes it unsuitable for vegans) then there are lots of natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like cinnamon, benzoin and nutmeg. 

Because of the nature of the balm you will find a slight residue almost like a second skin layer when you apply this but it does soak in! If you find it doesn't sink in, use less of the balm next time you apply. You also may find this stings due to the anti-bacterial properties especially if your skin is open and sore but stay with it because the benefits are enormous! There is also a scent to the balm, it smells like Christmas candles because if the cinnamon but it is very subtle and natural, it is not an artificial perfumed smell. 

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask! You can ask me on Twitter @kerri_jane for a quick reply! 

Product photo from www.pommadedivine.com